Netflix Now Allowing Title Suggestions From Users

Kasey Moore - August 26, 2016

Netflix has always been pretty good at listening to its subscribers. They intend to go one step further though and allow for its users to make suggestions through a new form it has on the helpdesk of Up until now, Netflix has made its decisions on what titles to buy...

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Weekly Highlights Netflix US August 26th

Cheryl Greenway - August 26, 2016

  New week, new titles. It has been a little quiet, so I'm throwing in some titles I didn't cover last week in addition to this week's picks. First, let's talk about Chelsea interviews worth catching. Zelda Williams was on August 18th in her first talk show interview. She discusses social...

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Jurassic Park Trilogy Will Leave Netflix on September 1st

Kasey Moore - August 26, 2016

Jurassic Park, which currently has all three of the original trilogy currently streaming on Netflix, will be leaving Netflix US on September 1st, 2016 for good. If you're thinking: "Hang on, didn't they just add all the Jurassic Parks?" You're right. Jurassic Park one, two and three were added on June...

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Longmire Season 5: Release Date and What to Expect

Cheryl Greenway - August 25, 2016

Longmire is returning for its fifth season exclusively on Netflix in September 2016. We've put together everything we know about the new series including the release date, gossip from the set, possible twists and other known facts about the Netflix Original. Based on the mystery novels by author Craig Johnson, Longmire...

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Petition for Netflix to Save Teen Wolf Surpasses 10,000 Supporters

Kasey Moore - August 20, 2016

We've covered a lot of campaigns for Netflix to save certain shows, whether it was the massive campaign for Netflix to save Forever, Dominion or Chuck. Some have been successful as the case for Arrested Development and Longmire to be saved, and others have withered away. The next in line...

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Over 70 Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in 2017

Alice Willis - August 19, 2016

If you thought you could quickly catch up on that long list of shows on Netflix you’ve wanted to watch, you better speed things up. That list is about to get longer as Netflix will introduce 71 new Original shows in 2017 and that doesn’t even include kids’...

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Fuller House Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

Kasey Moore - August 17, 2016

Fuller House has become one of the most loved Netflix Originals rebooting its classic 90's formula into a modern show that's only available on Netflix. Season 1 was highly received by the fans when it launched back in February 2016. Now with 2016 coming to a close and the second...

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Fringe Set To Leave Netflix US in September 2016

Kasey Moore - August 15, 2016

For those of you midway through a binge of Fringe, you might want to speed up as the series is currently scheduled to expire from the Netflix library in September 2016. The US joins the United Kingdom which also just recently lost Fringe on August 14th. Fringe is a FOX series...

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Netflix Release Schedule for ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Season 3

Tim Colman - August 14, 2016

Those Gecko brothers are back and this time, they are fighting with the baddies against some even worse baddies. All ten episodes of season 2 were released at the same time in the USA, but it seems that season 3 will be released on a weekly schedule.  The TV series...

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Weekly Highlights Netflix U.S. August 12th

Cheryl Greenway - August 12, 2016

New week, new titles! Though it was quiet this week in terms of quantity, there were some good additions to make up for it. Have you been watching Chelsea? I mention it when I think she has had a good guest or two. I'm a fan of her Jason Biggs segments...

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