New Netflix Christmas Commercial


When watching a Netflix commercial or advertisment you’re probably used to it either taking a dig at a rival streaming company or alternatively showcasing some of the new content whether it be the new releases on Netflix or a new feature such as the new design it received recently.

This Netflix commerical however is different taking a Christmas spin but more specifically focussing on how the service is diversifying so that it satisfies everyone in the family living room rather than cater just the tech savvy and kids.  Forrest Gump which has been our film of the week twice now was also featured in the advertisement with one of the family members crying.

It features a dreary voice throughout the majority of the commercial focussing on the troubles with the Christmas period rather than the positives and then eventually comes up with the theory that every problem is dissolved when they start watching Netflix. Whether you agree with this or not it’s a clever bit of advertising and most importantly a nice welcome break for Netflix to advertise the service as a key role for Entertainment for the whole family rather than just focussing on one group of people.

What did you think of this commercial? Did you enjoy it and have you seen it on the television yet?

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