Is ‘Game of Thrones’ on Netflix?


With Game of Thrones now kicking off its sixth season, we though we’d dive into the subject of whether or not Game of Thrones would ever come to Netflix after all, it’s probably the best television series currently airing at this time making it incredibly popular and in-demand.

Game of Thrones is a TV series based upon the books by George R. R. Martin and are some of the most revered books of all time encompassing politics, dragons, religion and so much more. It’s the shining light in the HBO lineup and probably the show you most associated with the network too. There’s really something for everyone in Game of Thrones and the strong casting only serves to boost the shows reputations.

Things are heating up in the show for season 6 as (spoiler alert) Jon Snow is betrayed by the Nights Watch, Daenerys Targaryen finds herself stranded in the hands of the dothraki and everything else is going to pot.

Does Game of Thrones have Netflix on its road map in 2016? The answer is no and likely will continue being no until the end of the time. We’re being a bit dramatic but at this point that’s the truth behind the show coming to Netflix. You see, Time Warner, the company that owns HBO, has expressed keeping their content as exclusive as possible meaning that their most watched series will only be available on their platforms including the streaming service HBO Go.

What’s a more likely scenario in the near future is that in the future it’ll land on Amazon Prime as they have a deal bringing some of the older HBO shows onto their service but it’s not something Netflix has in place. That’s not to say all of Netflix won’t be seeing Game of Thrones as you can currently rent 5 seasons of the show on its DVD service. For those in the UK looking to stream Game of Thrones on Netflix you’re out of luck I’m afraid. Sky owns the rights to the show on Sky Atlantic but is regularly streaming on the NowTV service provided by Sky.

All is not lost though as Netflix has quite a few shows similar to Game of Thrones streaming on its service but for many, that just won’t cut it. Of course, if anything changes (it won’t) we’ll keep you updated here on What’s on Netflix.

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