Is Family Guy on Netflix?

Kasey Moore
Written by on July 23, 2013
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A question we regularly get here at What’s on Netflix is whether or not popular cartoons are available on Netflix. We’ve already answered to whether or not The Simpsons on Netflix but the other and arguably larger TV cartoon Family Guy is our next questionable TV show.

So is Family Guy available to stream on Netflix? 

The answer is absolutely yes. As of right now 9 seasons of Family Guy are available. This means that the series (which started in 1999) now has all of it’s seasons available to stream on Netflix apart from the very latest season which when it comes to Netflix we’ll be sure to let you know.

So are you ready to start watching Family Guy online? Hit up Netflix and search for Family Guy.



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  • PKM

    I am ready, shame on me though I live in the UK, so It’s not available to me.

    • Kasey Moore

      With BBC Three leaving the airwaves in 2015 and no intention of moving Family Guy to the iPlayer it may turn out that the contract might fall into Netflix’s hands.

      Here’s hoping.

    • Stunner

      Hey it used to be but I just searched for it and it’s gone, I am gutter!