When Will Season 4 of The Walking Dead come to Netflix?


Hours after the end of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (don’t worry no spoilers here) we were absolutely bombarded with emails from users asking when the newest season of ‘The Walking Dead’ which is Season 4 will be coming to Netflix. Unfortunetely at the moment it looks like it won’t be coming until at least Season 5 is just about to air as that’s how the pattern has been so far.

However we may get a similar deal to what Breaking Bad did on Netflix earlier this year with Netflix. After half of the season of Breaking Bad Netflix announced a brand new deal with Sony Pictures who announced they’d put the latest episode up on Netflix only hours after it launched on TV. AMC is a television studio which may persue a similar type of deal providing there’s enough money in Netflix’s kitty.

So in short you won’t be seeing Season 4 of The Walking Dead on Netflix in the near future but if Breaking Bad is anything to go by we could be getting a great bonus on Netflix very soon.

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