When Will Season 4 of The Walking Dead come to Netflix?

Kasey Moore
Written by on December 04, 2013
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Hours after the end of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead (don’t worry no spoilers here) we were absolutely bombarded with emails from users asking when the newest season of ‘The Walking Dead’ which is Season 4 will be coming to Netflix. Unfortunetely at the moment it looks like it won’t be coming until at least Season 5 is just about to air as that’s how the pattern has been so far.

However we may get a similar deal to what Breaking Bad did on Netflix earlier this year with Netflix. After half of the season of Breaking Bad Netflix announced a brand new deal with Sony Pictures who announced they’d put the latest episode up on Netflix only hours after it launched on TV. AMC is a television studio which may persue a similar type of deal providing there’s enough money in Netflix’s kitty.

So in short you won’t be seeing Season 4 of The Walking Dead on Netflix in the near future but if Breaking Bad is anything to go by we could be getting a great bonus on Netflix very soon.

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  • Mike Guffey

    So season 5 has already aired on AMC… Where is season 4 on Netflix?

    • Sevenpenny

      Uh… no… wrong, wrong, wrong! What is airing right now (brand new spanking fresh) episode wise is the back half of season 4. Season 5 HAS NOT aired yet. We won’t see season 5 until October of 2014 (this year I know)…. Season 4 will not be on Netflix until at least the beginning of October….
      This is something AMC has been doing with its shows. the break the 16 episode season into 2 halves.

    • Keaunte Crawford

      shes right

    • http://www.youtube.com poopy king piggy

      what what world do u live in, it starts october 12th

    • http://www.youtube.com poopy king piggy

      what what world do u live in, it starts october 12th

  • Matt

    season 5 has already aired where is season 4? Netflix prob wont be getting season 4 till summer 2014 :(

    • Susan

      Matt, you must be 7 or 8 months ahead of me because season 5 doesn’t come out until October 2014. There’s two more episodes left to watch in season 4. The finale’s less than two weeks from now.

      • Dustin

        Well they should at least put what episodes of season 4 that have already aired on tv onto Netflix. I dont want to start watchin season 4 on tv couse I will get out of order and I will b lost. And lets face it I am tired of waiting the suspense is killing me. !!

        • Susan

          I’m with you there, Dustin! I wouldn’t mind if they at least put the first half in April or early summer, then the back half right before season 5. Though if they did add the fourth season, I’d prefer the WHOLE season XD I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

        • Shawnk44

          Its not up to Netflix, it’s up to AMC. AMC is not going to release it’s content to Netflix until it’s had time for it’s DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

  • Wes

    I love how Netflix is changing how we watch our favorite shows. Big networks have abused their customer base long enough; timing for audio + video off sync, the same commercials if not in sequence then the same line up every commercial break, cutting episodes early, reruns of the same 5 episodes (I understand this is not directly the
    network that produces the shows fault, as it’s the smaller channels that buy the syndication rights but they should be sold in such a way as to allow smaller networks to buy the story and not just random episodes). It’s like Bell in Canada, they were a monopoly for so long they had no need to provide great service or a great product. Unexplained charges, horrendous customer service, the list goes
    on but like network tv there was no alternative if you wanted it, this is where to get it. Now other service providers are encroaching on Bells customer base and the customers respond by dropping Bell like one of the Walkers. The best part of Netflix is that most shows, especially ones like Walking Dead are 100x better if watched in sequence. Walking Dead or Fringe or Mad Men you can’t jump in randomly otherwise you have no clue what the f is going on. I’m happy to pay
    Netflix for this service but I wouldn’t pay for a cable network that is going to jumble the lineup maybe change the day it plays, cancel an episode to show a football game etc. Long story short, I am happy Netflix is killing these networks. Soon it will be Netflix getting these awesome AMC premieres and the like while NBC, Fox, CBS are left to pick up the scraps.

  • dondi31

    I am new to Netflix. For the most part, I love it other than may movie I want to watch are not part of their lineup (Uncle Buck, Working Girl) I can order them, but may not have time or be int he mood when I get them, so I do not have that service. I am enjoying these series. I started watching Walking Dead and LOVE IT, except for all the killing of the “walkers” I just close my eyes or look away….but the story line is enjoyable. Is there an update as to when season 4 will air or is it still slated for October. I do not want to wait. Next time I start watching a series I will make sure all episodes are on like Breaking Bad and Weeds…Loved those too.

  • Delilah

    but , that makes no sense ! i want to watch Season 4 to then understand season 5 ! jesus , shoot me right now

    • Ashley Morrison

      You can find season 4 anywhere online for free. But if it asks you to download something don’t do it.

  • Matt

    Netflix used to be good they keep removing shows that the majority of people want to watch, and don’t add seasons quickly enough. Netflix SUCKS MONKEY DONG!!!!

    • Michael

      Matt, do you remember going to the Video Store to rent movies? Do you remember not having on demand? I do, and I bet you do too. The fact that you have over 100,000 titles that you can stream at anytime is pretty damn good. Netflix also does not have unlimited funds to license every damn thing out there. If you want, get HULU, and Amazon Prime and you should be all set. Netflix does not get the show until it is released on DVD, so I guess your complaint should be with the company who releases the shows on home video, not the streaming service. All I have is Netflix and my TV antenna, and that works fine for me. I would imagine that between, HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle, etc, many of the licenses of these shows are sold to the highest bidder. When the contract ends, then they either move on to another provider or stay. I don’t see how you cannot find something good to watch with over 100,000 titles.