Top 3 Disney Pixar Movies on Netflix


Disney Pixar has had quite the track record. Usually adding a film a year to the collection only partially has their back catalogue hit the streaming services of Netflix and in very limited regions. In this top list we cover which of the Disney Pixar movies are on the service in the different countries.


3. Ratatouille

Available on : United Kingdom

Ratatouille is the 2007 entry and a slight change from the other films Disney Pixar is used to making which includes Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Cars which unfortuntely isn’t on Netflix which is probably down to Netflix not having enough leverage to get the Pixar blockbusters from the clutches of other operators such as Sky in the UK. It’s based on a rat who manipulates a human to cook in a top class French restaurant.

wall-e_dvd2. Wall-E

Available on : United Kingdom

Wall-e when it launched was absolutely fantastic. It serves as a great movie but also as a crushing reminder that we need to look after ourselves and the planet that we live on. The 2008 entry which was directly after the Ratatouille movie. The story follows a small little clean-up robot called Wall-e and you follow his adventures across the destroyed Earth and how he then finds where the human population is. Starring Andrews Stanton and Ben Burtt the film was a runaway success.

up-cover1. UP

Available on : United Kingdom

We basically in this list saw Disney Pixars three years between 2007 and 2009 which can be argued as some of their best as they were all new IP’s and totally different. UP was by far the best one out of the three and probably has the emotional first 5 minutes of any film we’ve ever seen, especially from an animation movie. You can stream UP now on Netflix UK.


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