Season 4 of Glee now streaming on Netflix USA

Love it or hate it Glee has taken over the world with newly formed Gleek’s appearing all over the world. If you’re a Netflix subscriber in the USA you’ve always been treated with the first three seasons of Glee being shown on Netflix until today when Glee Season 4 has now been added to the Netflix roster. Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan it’s about turning a failed cheerleading club into one of the best around the state. It delves into the lifes of each of the characters while also quite regularly going into a sing song.

The 2012 series which spanned 22 episodes each at 40 minutes long stars some big names such as Jane Lynch, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. It’s got a comedy aspect but you’re more likely to like this if you’re a fan of live action Disney series such as High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

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