What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: April 12th to April 19th

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The next week is packed full to the brim of brand new titles for every age group and creed. Here’s a complete look at what’s coming to Netflix between April 12th and April 19th, 2020.

There’s still plenty to look forward to for the rest of April and also we’ve got plenty of titles already lined up for May 2020 too.

Let’s kick off with some highlights before diving into the full list of what’s coming to Netflix this week:

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For Love or Money (1993)

Netflix Release: Wednesday, April 15th

In the mood for some classic nineties? On Wednesday, Netflix delivers just that with one of Michael J. Fox’s biggest titles outside of Back to the Future.

Playing the role of Doug, this romantic comedy is about a concierge at a hotel and with plans to run his own, he has to choose between his project or his girl.

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Netflix Release: Thursday, April 16th

Looking for a glitzy movie packed full to the brim with top talent and possibly a film you may have missed? Hail, Ceasar! will likely fill that gap when it arrives towards the end of the week.

The movie is written and directed by the Coen brothers and received rave reviews when it released for years ago. It’s about a Hollywood fixer in the 1950s who is working to keep the studio’s stars in line.

Despicable Me (2010)

Netflix Release Date: Thursday, April 16th

Go back to where it all started with the Minions craze when Despicable Me that released a decade ago drops on Thursday.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Please note: release dates are subject to change.

Coming to Netflix on April 12th

  • Tiger King and I (2020) N

Coming to Netflix on April 14th

  • A Champion Heart (2018)
  • Chris D’Elia: No Pain (2020) N

Coming to Netflix on April 15th

  • Fittest in Dubai (2019)
  • For Love or Money (1993)
  • Once Upon a Time in London (2019)
  • Outer Banks (Season 1) N
  • Sprinter (2018)
  • The Innocence Files (Limited Series) N

Coming to Netflix on April 16th

  • Catfish
  • Despicable Me (2010)
  • Fary: Hexagone (Season 2) N
  • Fauda (Season 3) N
  • Hail, Caesar! (2016)
  • Jem and the Holograms (2015)
  • Mauricio Meirelles: Generating Chaos (2019) N
  • Puerto Ricans in Paris (2015)

Coming to Netflix on April 17th

  • #blackAF (Season 1) N
  • Bleach (New Season)
  • Betonrausch (2020) N
  • Earth and Blood (2020) N
  • El Dragón: Return of a Warrior (Season 2)
  • Hasmuk (Season 1) N
  • Rising High (2020) N
  • Of Earth and Blood / La Terre Et Le Sang (2020) N
  • Sergio (2020) N
  • The King: Eternal Monarch (Season 1) N
  • The Last Kids on Earth (Book 2) N
  • The Legacy of the Bones (2020) N
  • Too Hot to Handle (Season 1) N

Coming to Netflix on April 18th

  • The Green Hornet (2011)
What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: April 12th to April 19th

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