What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: December 20th to 26th, 2021

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coming to netflix this week december 20th to 26th 2021

With Christmas now under a week away, there’s still some headlining Originals to look forward to on Netflix. Here’s a look at everything coming to Netflix between December 20th and December 26th, 2021.

There’s very little remaining of an eventful year on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean there’s not still lots to look forward to over Christmas and New Year.

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Our Top 3 Highlights Coming to Netflix This Week

Don’t Look Up (2021) N

Coming to Netflix: Friday / Christmas Eve

We’ve been waiting all year for Adam McKay’s Netflix directorial debut in Don’t Look Up, which is arriving just in time for Christmas! The film is heavy in political satire, with the antagonists of the film massively representing the very worst of politicians with their heads in the sand.

When a pair of astronomers discover that a giant meteorite will destroy the planet in 6 months, they set out on a media tour to convince the most powerful leaders of the world, and the public, of their impending doom.

The Silent Sea (Season 1) N

Coming to Netflix: Friday

If it wasn’t for Squid Game, we would have wagered that The Silent Sea was going to be the biggest K-Drama release on Netflix in 2021. Squid Game’s Heo Sung Tae will star in the K-Drama, and Train to Busan star Gong Yoo, who also briefly starred in Squid Game as Gi Hoon’s mysterious recruiter. Fans of Kingdom will be delighted to see actress Bae Donna in action, who over the past few years has become one of Netflix’s most recognizable actresses from South Korea.

Set in the not-so-distant future, the Earth is dying and undergoing desertification. Earth’s only chance of survival rests in the hands of a specialist team sent to the Moon, whose task is to retrieve a mysterious sample from the Balhae Base research station.

Emily in Paris (Season 2) N

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday

The first season of Emily in Paris was a smash hit with many subscribers from around the world, and after a year’s patient wait fans have been rewarded with a second helping of Lily Collins as fashionista Emily.


Emily, a young woman from the American mid-west, gets her dream job when a marketing firm in Paris hires her. Brought in to provide an American’s perspective on their approach, it’s not long before cultures clash.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Coming to Netflix on December 20th

  • Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar (Miniseries) N

Coming to Netflix on December 21st

  • Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster (2021) N
  • Grumpy Christmas (2021) N

Coming to Netflix on December 22nd

  • Badanamu ABC TV Series (Season 1)
  • Badanamu POP (Season 1)
  • Emily in Paris (Season 2) N

Coming to Netflix on December 23rd

  • Elite Short Stories: Patrick (Miniseries) N
  • Will You Marry? (2021)

Coming to Netflix on December 24th

  • 1000 Miles from Christmas (2021) N
  • Daughter From Another Mother (Season 2) N
  • Don’t Look Up (2021) N
  • Minnal Murali (2021) N
  • Stand by Me Doraemon (2014)
  • Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (2020) N
  • The Silent Sea (Season 1) N
  • Vicky and Her Mystery / Mystère (2020) N
  • Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix on December 25th

  • Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material (2021) N
  • Stories of a Generation – with Pope Francis (Season 1) N

Coming to Netflix on December 26th

  • Lulli (2021) N

What are you going to be watching on Netflix over Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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