What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: December 5th to 11th, 2022

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whats coming to netflix this week december 5th 11th 2022

Pictured: Emily the Criminal, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, Prisoners

Welcome along to another look ahead a the new movies and shows scheduled to hit Netflix in the United States over the next 7 days. A quieter week compared to last awaits but particularly on the movie side, there’s plenty to look forward to.

We should also note that the new Heavy and Meghan limited docu-series given a trailer late last week is rumored to hit Netflix on December 8th, 2022. That was according to the NY Post and some data that What’s on Netflix has seen.

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Most Anticipated New Releases on Netflix This Week

Emily the Criminal (2022)

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday

Making its SVOD exclusive debut on Netflix this week is the new Aubrey Plaza crime thriller, Emily the Criminal. The movie released to rave reviews in theaters earlier this year and comes from writer/director John Patton Ford.

Per TMBD, here’s what you can expect:

“Emily, who is saddled with student debt and locked out of the job market due to a minor criminal record, gets involved in a credit card scam that pulls her into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, ultimately leading to deadly consequences.”

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022)

Coming to Netflix: Friday

The master of suspense and horror is coming to Netflix with something slightly different this week in the form of a new iteration of the classic character, Pinocchio.

Through stop-motion animation, you’ll get to see a new reimagined version of the tale that sees a wooden marionette who is magically brought to life in order to mend the heart of a grieving woodcarver named Geppetto.

It’s been receiving rave reviews, and if you can’t wait until Friday, it’s also currently showing in select theaters.

Prisoners (2013)

Coming to Netflix: Saturday

When it comes to Denis Villeneuve, you’re probably more familiar with his recent works in the sci-fi and fantasy space with the likes of Dune and Bladerunner. However, the talented director also threw his hat into the ring in the thriller space with this superb Warner Brothers movie from almost a decade ago.

The film starred Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, a father who will stop at nothing to find his missing daughter. Alongside Jackman was Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars as Detective Loki, the police officer in charge of the case.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Coming to Netflix on December 5th

  • Mighty Express: Mighty Trains Race (Season 1) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on December 6th

  • Delivery by Christmas (2022) Netflix Original
  • Sebastian Maniscalco: Is It Me? (2022) Netflix Original
  • Storks (2016)
  • The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus (Season 1) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on December 7th

  • Burning Patience (2022) Netflix Original
  • Emily the Criminal (2022)
  • I Hate Christmas (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Smiley (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Tales of Africa (Season 1)
  • The Marriage App (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Most Beautiful Flower (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Too Hot To Handle (Season 4) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on December 8th

  • Broken Wings / Sayap-Sayap Patah (2022)
  • In Broad Daylight: The Narvarte Case (2022) Netflix Original
  • Lookism (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • The Blue Whale (2020)
  • The Elephant Whisperers (2022) Netflix Original
  • The Master Plan (2020)

Coming to Netflix on December 9th

  • CAT (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Dragon Age: Absolution (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • Dream Home Makeover (Season 4) Netflix Original
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022) Netflix Original
  • How to Ruin Christmas (The Baby Shower – Season 3) Netflix Original
  • Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (Part 2) Netflix Original

Coming to Netflix on December 10th

  • Alchemy of Souls (Season 1 – Part 2) Netflix Original
  • Prisoners (2013)

What’s on your watch list on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments down below.

What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: December 5th to 11th, 2022

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