What’s Leaving Netflix This Week: June 21st to 28th, 2021

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It’s time to look at what’s scheduled to leave Netflix over the next 7 days. All of these titles will be removed from Netflix in the United States (although some are global removals) between June 21st and June 27th, 2021.

What to watch on Netflix This Week Before It Departs

Here are three handpicked or noteworthy removals this week that you should check out.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Leaving Netflix: Saturday

A lot of parents will be desperately sad to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 depart Netflix leaving no major Illumination movie on the service.

It’s rocked the top 10s in the US for ages now ranking in the movie top 10 for 133 days.

The sequel to the first Secret Life of Pets movie sees the return of all your favorite pets which continues their adventures while their owners are away.

20th Century Women

Leaving Netflix: Sunday

A24 movies are often our favorite hidden gems of the Netflix library and we’ll be saying goodbye to this drama from director, Mike Mills.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve never checked out the movie before.

“In 1979, single bohemian mom Dorothea, hoping to help her teen son find his place as a man, asks two young women to share their lives with him.”

It scored well with critics with an 88% on RottenTomatoes and boasts and 83 on Metacritic.

Cooking on High and Heavy Rescue 401

Leaving Netflix: Tuesday

Two Netflix originals notably headline this week’s removals with the departure of the single-season of Cooking on High. We’ll also see the removal of the Canadian series Heavy Rescue 401.

We’ve done a full article on why these Netflix Originals are departing but truthfully, Heavy Rescue 401 is the only title listed here that’s worthy of a first watch/rewatch.

What’s Leaving Netflix This Week

Leaving Netflix on June 21st

Leaving Netflix on June 22nd

  • Cooking on High (Season 1) N
  • Dark Skies (2013)
  • Heavy Rescue: 401 (Season 1) N

Leaving Netflix on June 25th

  • Kaabil (2017)

Leaving Netflix on June 26th

  • The Secret Life of Pets 2

Leaving Netflix on June 27th

  • 20th Century Women (2016)
  • Birthmarked (2018)

Of course, the week after next will be the start of a brand new month. If you want the drop on what’s set to leave in July 2021 currently, head over to our list.

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