List of HDR Titles on Netflix

Last updated: November 22, 2018
Netflix Ultra HD Volt
Netflix Ultra HD Volt

As of April 2016, Netflix has started streaming a select few titles through a new format it’s calling HDR. HDR stands for high dynamic range video and is not too dissimilar to 4K but has a few notable differences. 150 hours of original programming in HDR are already planned to be on the service with lots of their old content being upgraded to the new format. All new shows are likely to be filmed in this format by default but we’ll be cataloging the complete list of titles that are HDR on Netflix.

Note: This list has been retired in favor of the 4K list of which many include HDR enhancements.

List of HDR Titles on Netflix

Title NameStatusRelease Date
A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV Series)Native – Yet to be releasedTBA
Bloodline (TV Series)To Be UpgradedMarch 2015
Chef’s Table (TV Series)To Be UpgradedApril 2015
Hibana (TV Series)Native – Yet to be releasedTBA
Knights of Sidonia (TV Series)To Be UpgradedJuly 2014
Marvel’s Daredevil (TV Series)To Be UpgradedApril 2015
Marvel’s Jessica Jones (TV Series)To Be UpgradedFall 2015
Marvel’s Luke Cage (TV Series)Native – Yet to be ReleasedFall 2016
Marvel’s The Defenders (TV Series)Native – Yet to be ReleasedTBA
The Do-Over (Movie)Native – Release Date AnnouncedMay 2016
The Ridiculous 6 (Movie)To Be UpgradedFall 2015