List of National Geographic Shows on Netflix

Last updated: February 6, 2019

The National Geographic is an American digital cable and satellite TV channel owned mainly by 21st Century Fox, with the rest owned by the National Geographic Society.

The channel focusses on non-fiction shows and films produced by a number of companies, including the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel. The shows could involve Nature, Culture, Science, and History.

The National Geographic launched in 1997 and is now reported as available in 74% of households in the US.

Last Updated: 30th October 2018

Please note: This list covers only Netflix US.

TitleSeasons on NetflixTotal Amount of SeasonsWhen will the next season air
Africa’s Deadliest13N/A
Alien Deep11N/A
Race of Life11N/A
Animal Fight Night11N/A
Wild Ones11N/A
A Night on Earth: Africa11N/A
Monster Fish37N/A
The Truth Behind AtlantisN/AN/AN/A
72 Dangerous Animals Australia11N/A
The Truth Behind: UFOSN/AN/AN/A
Life Below Zero411N/A
Scam City22N/A
Filthy Riches12N/A
Alaskan State Troopers18N/A
Cesar 91113N/A
Locked Up Abroad112N/A
Drugs Inc.37N/A
Inside: Medical MarijuanaN/AN/AN/A
Nazi Megastructures15N/A
Mega Food11N/A
Brain Games37N/A
Underworld Inc22N/A
Inside the Hunt For The Boston BombersN/AN/AN/A
Inside Russia’s Toughest PrisonsN/AN/AN/A
Hard Time33N/A
Inside the American Mob12N/A
Brothers in WarN/AN/AN/A
Outlaw Bikers15N/A
Green Way Up11N/A
Inside: The Mob’s Bloody ValentineN/AN/AN/A
Close Quarter Battle11N/A