List of NBC Shows on Netflix

Last updated: October 30, 2018

Also known as the Peacock Network, NBC is the oldest operating television network in the United States. It’s pioneered many new technologies and also expands to the radio too. In the modern day of streaming the network has changed its output slightly focusing more on reality shows, talk shows, and live sports.

It does have a relationship with Netflix despite having ties to Netflix rival Hulu. For the majority of titles on Netflix, they’re often exclusive to Netflix streaming. Below, we’ve listed every NBC series currently streaming on Netflix.

Last updated: October 30th, 2018

Please note: This List Only Covers US Netflix

TitleSeasons on NetflixTotal Amount of SeasonsWhen will the next season air
A.D. Kingdom and Empire11N/A
American Odyssey11N/A
Crossing Lines33September 2019
Frasier1111Summer 2019
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit420N/A
Parks & Recreation77Early 2019
Star Trek33N/A
Star Trek: The Animated Series22N/A
Taxi Brooklyn11August 2019
The Blacklist56N/A
The Good Place23N/A
The Mysteries of Laura22N/A
The Night Shift44N/A
The Office99N/A