A-Z Netflix Streaming Devices

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Netflix is available on a broad list of devices but you may need to know some of the requirements of the device to play Netflix Instant Stream collection. Below is a comprehensive list of all the devices which allows you to watch Netflix’s fantastic selection of TV shows and films.


Android – Available across all the of internet enabled Android tablets and mobile phones. You need to have Android 2.2 or above which is the majority of the devices available on the market. Larger screens are suggested such as the Asus Nexus 7.

Apple TV – With similar functions to Chromecast the Apple TV is Apple’s attempt to literally take over everything in your life and one of the great application available is Netflix.


Chromecast – Another Google product which is a small little pen-drive which fits nicely in the back of your television screen and then you can broadcast from any other device to the big screen.


IOS – With Apples firm grip on the tablet market and the mobile market Netflix had to be available on iOS devices quickly and running perfectly. We’re happy to report that this is the case. Optimized for the iPhone 5 you can use this on the following iOS devices : iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads.


Kindle – Amazon’s own tablet for the marketplace is available only on the Fire and the Fire HD. Old kindles do not support apps therefore Netflix isn’t available to see the resolutions which your Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire HD please click the link below.


PlayStation 3 – The PlayStation 3 is the most used device to watch Netflix. You can now watch it on the smaller PS Vita. Both devices display HD content and with social feature enabled it’s the perfect system to watch your Netflix content hassle free.

PlayStation 4 – The newest in the Playstation library here is the PS4. With the new layout there by default it’s a great application and allows you to also swap from game to Netflix instantly.


Roku – A small little device which has lots of online channels which helps you get your content on the big screen easily. There’s a Netflix application built in from day one.


Samsung Smart TV – You can download this application on your smart TV if it’s from Samsung.


TiVO – TiVo is a DVR set-up box which is now internet enabled meaning you can now stream your Netflix content to it. This is available for free and you can download it using the link below.


Wii – This is Nintendo’s biggest brain wave and their most successful product by a long shot. While it does’t support HD streaming it is pretty intuitive with the Wiimote.

WiiU  – Unlike the Wii the WiiU really hasn’t taken off just yet but the good news is that the dual screens work pretty well with a Netflix type experience.

Windows 8 – Netflix kickstarted its life as an in browser service and then went onto support many devices. Windows 8 a new operating system from Microsoft also got the Netflix treatment.


Xbox 360 & Xbox One – You can watch Netflix on an Xbox 360 and Xbox One without the need of an Xbox Live Gold account which changed a few months back. The interface also now sports a similar interface as other devices rather than its own tiled approach.