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DC Movies on Netflix

You don’t get a more stereotypical superhero than Superman and Batman. Early DC clearly defined the genre using their comic books, as well as Marvel. They have been adapting their stories into films since as early the 1950’s. Our job is to not only catalog those movies but tell you which ones are streaming on Netflix.

You can sort the table below using the headings and also use the search box too. We’ve included those from the very early DC live action, animated movies, Batman movies, Superman movies as well as others (Watchmen, Swamp Thing and V for Vendetta as a couple of examples)

Please note: This list covers four Netflix regions – US, CA, AU and UK.


TitleTypeRelease DateNetflix UKNetflix USNetflix CANetflix AU
Superman and the Mole MenLiveaction1951NNNN
Stamp Day for SupermanLiveaction1954NNNN
Superman IILiveaction1980NNNN
Swamp ThingLiveaction1982YNNN
Superman IIILiveaction1983NNNN
Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceLiveaction1987NNNN
The Return of the Swamp ThingLiveaction1989NNNN
Batman ReturnsLiveaction1992NNNN
Batman ForeverLiveaction1995NNNN
Batman & RobinLiveaction1997NNNN
Batman BeginsLiveaction2005NNYY
V for VendettaLiveaction2006NNNY
Superman ReturnsLiveaction2006NNNY
The Dark KnightLiveaction2008NNYY
The LosersLiveaction2010NNNY
Jonah HexLiveaction2010NNNN
Green LanternLiveaction2011NNNY
The Dark Knight RisesLiveaction2012NNNY
Man of SteelLiveaction2013NNNY
Batman: Mask of the PhantasmAnimation1993NNNY
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZeroAnimation1998NNNN
Justice LeagueAnimation2001NYNN
Superman: DoomsdayAnimation2007NNNN
Wonder WomanAnimation2009NNYN
Green Lantern: First FlightAnimation2009NNYN
Batman: Under the Red HoodAnimation2010NNNN
Superman/Batman: ApocalypseAnimation2010NNYN
All-Star SupermanAnimation2011NNYN
Green Lantern: Emerald KnightsAnimation2011NNNN
Batman: Year OneAnimation2011NNYN
Justice League: DoomAnimation2012NNNN
Superman vs. The EliteAnimation2012NNYN
The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1Animation2012NNYN
The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2Animation2013NNYN
Superman: UnboundAnimation2013NNYN
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Animation2013NNNN
JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time Animation2014NNYN
Justice League: War Animation2014NYYN
Son of Batman Animation2014NYYN
Batman: Assault on ArkhamAnimation2015NNYN
Justice League: Throne of AtlantisAnimation2015NN YN
Batman vs. RobinAnimation2015NNNY
Justice League: Gods and MonstersAnimation2015NNNN
Batman Unlimited: Monster MayhemAnimation2016NNYN
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