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List of ABC Series on Netflix

ABC Studios have produced a lot of content over the years, and a lot of their collection can be found on Netflix.

The network owned by Disney has used all of its licenses and talents to good use over the years. Most recently it’s exploited its Marvel ownership in the form of Agents of SHIELD and its Disney princesses in Once Upon A Time.

Believe it or not, their studios is also behind all the Marvel content on Netflix too.

Here’s a complete list of what ABC series are streaming on Netflix in the United States along with how many seasons are available and when they get new seasons added to Netflix.

Please note: This list covers only Netflix US. 

Title Seasons Available New Seasons Month?
American Crime 2 February
America’s Funniest Home Videos 4
Better Off Ted 2
Born to Explore 1
Cristela 1
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 2
Galavant 2
Grey’s Anatomy 12 June
How To Get Away With Murder 3 March
Last Man Standing 5 September
MacGyver 7
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 3 June
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin 1
Once Upon A Time 5 August
Quantico 1 August
Revenge 4
Scandal 5 June
The Assets 1
The Deep End 1
The Gates 1
The Wonder Years 6
Twin Peaks 2