List of National Geographic Shows on Netflix

Last updated: May 17, 2017

The National Geographic is an American digital cable and satellite TV channel owned mainly by 21st Century Fox, with the rest owned by the National Geographic Society.

The channel focusses on non-fiction shows and films produced by a number of companies, including the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel. The shows could involve Nature, Culture, Science and History.

The National Geographic launched in 1997 and is now reported as available in 74% of households in the US.

Please note: This list covers only Netflix US. 

Title Seasons Available New Seasons on Netflix?
Africa’s Deadliest 1
Wind Ones 1
The Truth Behind: The Bermuda Triangle N/A
The Truth Behind: Atlantis N/A
The Truth Behind: The Devils Bible N/A
The Truth Behind: The Nevada Triangle N/A
The Truth Behind: The Freemasons N/A
The Truth Behind: The Ark N/A
The Truth Behind: Bigfoot N/A
The Truth Behind: UFOs N/A
The Truth Behind: Dead Sea Scrolls N/A
Underworld, Inc. 2 May
Europe’s Last Great Wilderness 1
Brain Games 3
Brothers in War N/A
72 Dangerous Animals: Australia 1
72 Dangerous Places 1
72 Cutest Animals 1
Filthy Riches 2
Monster Fish 1
Drugs, Inc. 3 March 2018
Inside Medical Marijuana N/A
Inside Muslim Brotherhood N/A
Inside Russias Toughest Prison N/A
Inside the Mobs Bloody Valentine N/A
Inside the America Mob N/A
Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bomber N/A
Street Food 2
Alaska State Trooper 2
Hard Time 1
Animals Fight Night 1
American Genius 1
Inside the American Mob 1
Hitler’s Secret Attack on America N/A
The Green Way Up 1
Cesar 911 1