New Netflix DVD Releases: 17th November 2016

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It’s time to go over everything that’s come to the Netflix DVD rental service this week, and it’s a big week with some of the best TV box sets now available plus some great movies from earlier this year.

Let’s kick off with the biggest show on all of television the worldwide phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. Season 6 is now available on Netflix DVD alongside the previous five seasons and this season is the biggest yet and will be the last season that features ten full episodes as next year it’ll start falling dramatically.  Obviously, you can’t watch Game of Thrones on Netflix streaming so this is the only way Netflixers can get access to Game of Thrones.

Next up is another show that’s now unavailable to Netflixers, The Mindy Project. The Fox show turned Hulu Original is now exclusively available on their platform, but fortunately, the Netflix DVD service is here to get our Mindy Project fix.

The main movie highlight this week is Alice Through the Looking Glass which is the follow-up to the first Alice in Wonderland movie released in 2010. Johnny Depp and Helena Carter reprises their roles plus performances from Anna Hathaway and Sascha Baron Cohen makes this a must-watch for fans of the franchise.

We would also be remised if we didn’t mention that the second season of Better Call Saul is now available to rent now too.

New DVD/Blu-ray’s Released This Week

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
  • Army of One (2016)
  • Cardboard Boxer (2016)
  • Cosmos (2015)
  • Fort Tilden (2014)
  • Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

New TV Boxsets Released This Week

  • Better Call Saul: Season 2
  • Game of Thrones: Season 6
  • Looking: Season 2
  • The Mindy Project: Season 4
New Netflix DVD Releases: 17th November 2016

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