New Netflix DVD Releases : 21st July 2015


It’s Tuesday, which means we get a fresh batch of DVD releases available on Netflix. From this post onwards, we’ll also be included what formats you can rent the titles on and also a link for your convenience.

Let’s kick off with What We Do in the Shadows, the excellent and highly rated spoof of vampire movies. A relatively unknown cast will give you a freepass on perhaps looking over the 2014 movie, but now it’s part of your rental subscription there should be nothing stopping you. Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav as seen in the picture above are the three vampires looking to live within ordinary society and have quite a struggle fitting in.

Secondly, for the kids (of course), Tom and Jerry’s new adventure titled Spy Quest is well worth a rent this week. Continuing the legacy of the 75 year old cartoon, we once again see the cat and mouse duo travel across the world meeting robotic cats, alien robots and .. yeah, it’s lost its way a little bit, but who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry!?

Complete List of New DVD Rentals

Kasey Moore

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