New Netflix DVD Releases: 4th October 2016

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The first week of October is bringing a tonne of goodies to the Netflix DVD platform. We’ve got new treats from Syfy, FX and AMC.

First up is the fourth, yes fourth, movie of the Sharknado franchise. It sees the return of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering reprising their roles in the most stupid movie that keeps getting better and is loved by fans from all around the world.

Next up from FX is the massive fifth season of American Horror Story albeit a little late as season 6 of American Horror Story is already on the air. The show has revolutionised the way horror can be done on television and has pioneered a new wave of horror on television. The fifth season was called Hotel.  Also returning to Netflix DVD this week is the epic Vikings that will see its fourth season become available to rent on the DVD platform.

Anime fans will be excited to see Attack on Titan now available on box set and fans of Penny Dreadful will want to rent the final season of their show to see the farewell.

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New DVD/Bluray Releases

  • A Bigger Splash (2015)
  • Amateur Night (2016)
  • Being Charlie (2015)
  • Chevalier (2015)
  • Into the Forest (2015)
  • Joshy (2016)
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016)
  • Last Cab to Darwin (2015)
  • Microbe and Gasoline (2015)
  • My Love, Don’t Cross That River (2013)
  • Satanic (2016)
  • Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (2016)
  • Swiss Army Man (2016)
  • The Darkness (2016)
  • The Last King (2016)
  • The Wailing (2016)
  • They’re Watching (2016)
  • Wild Oats (2016)

New TV Boxsets

  • American Horror Story: Season 5
  • Attack on Titan: Part 1
  • Banshee: Season 4
  • Penny Dreadful: Season 3
  • Preacher: Season 1
  • Scream Queens: Season 1
  • Vikings: Season 4
New Netflix DVD Releases: 4th October 2016

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