New Releases on Netflix DVD: November 20th, 2018

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Pictured: Crazy Rich Asians, Little Italy & Longmire

Another week means more new Netflix DVD releases for you to rent. It’s a quiet week this week but that’s to be expected as the month draws to a close. That’s not to say there’s nothing worthy of your time, however. Here’s a look at what’s new on Netflix DVD this week. 

Our first highlight is the comedy romance of the summer which scored big review scores and has been slated to be a big winner at the upcoming Oscars. We’re referring to Crazy Rich Asians which gets its DVD release this week. The movie features Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh which sees a New Yorker travel to Singapore to meet his boyfriend’s family.

Our second highlight this week is another comeyd in the form of Blindspotting. The multi-award winning movie impressed when it released in the summer as it details a friendship in crisis while a man is on probation.

Also, we should give a passing mention to Little Italy which dropped this week. If you want to see how Hayden Christensen is getting on, you’ll be able to tell not too well after watching this new rom-com.

This week, we’ll also see Netflix add another box set from its own library. Last week, we saw Narcos and The Crown get new boxset releases and this week, Longmire’s final season comes to Netflix DVD. The final season of Longmire is now on Netflix DVD.

Here’s a full look at the new releases on Netflix DVD this week.

New DVD/Bluray Releases

Movie Name Genre Distributor Rating Language
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Comedy Passion River NR English
Blindspotting Comedy Lionsgate Films R English
Crazy Rich Asians Comedy Warner Brothers PG-13 English
Kin Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lionsgate Films PG-13 English
Little Italy Comedy Lionsgate Films R English
Skate Kitchen Drama Magnolia Pictures R English
The Sun at Midnight Action & Adventure Monterey Media R English

New Boxset Releases

Boxset Name Distributor Rating Language
Longmire: Season 6 Netflix TV-14 English

As always, Netflix DVD releases are subject to change.

New Releases on Netflix DVD: November 20th, 2018

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