New Netflix DVD Releases

Hot in Cleveland on Netflix DVD
New Netflix DVD Releases : 26th April 2016

Another less than stellar lineup for the new Netflix DVD selections this week which is unfortunate but just a quick heads up, last year’s biggest blockbuster release will be coming to Netflix DVD next week and that title is of course, Star Wars…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 19th April 2016

Welcome, once again, to your weekly look at all the new titles you’re now able to rent as part of your Netflix DVD rental subscription. We’ve got some great HBO boxsets this week which is the only way to watch these shows with a Netflix s…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 13th April 2016

If you thought last week was a quiet week then this week is likely to send you to sleep! Very few titles releasing this week but enough to keep the kids busy at the very least with the latest Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. These annoying high pitched…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 7th April 2016

Don’t let the long list below deceive you, this week we’re hard pressed to find many highlights when it comes to new Netflix DVD releases and looking ahead, it’s going to be a similar picture moving forward over the next couple of w…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 29th March 2016

Some awesome movies this week now available to rent as part of your Netflix DVD subscription. Let’s kick off with Quentin Tarantino’s 8th movie meaning we’ve got just two left from the famed actor. In probably one his most intense m…

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New Netflix DVD Releases - 22nd March
New Netflix DVD Releases : 22nd March 2016

  First up, we must apologize for not updating the new DVD releases last week so we’re doing a bumper update this week and boy is it an update. Let’s start of with the biggest addition to the Netflix DVD release. Game of Thrones. For…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 9th March 2016

Bond. James Bond. He’s our top pick this week in Daniel Craig’s third James Bond movie, Spectre. After his disappointing second movie, Quantum of Solace, we’re please to report he’s back to form with Spectre. It perfectly marr…

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Bridge of Spies now on Netflix DVD
New Netflix DVD Releases : 1st March 2016

If you were enjoying the Oscars last night, Netflix DVD rentals have now put up some of the biggest movies featured throughout the event. In fact, this is one of the strongest weeks for new movies we’ve seen in quite some time so take your pick…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 17th February 2016

Some massive releases this week that’ve been pushed back a day to Wednesday. First up is Straight Outta Compton that has controversially been left out of this years oscars. The two and a half hour look into hip-hop culture and the rise of it in…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 9th February 2016

One of the biggest movies from 2015 arrives on Netflix DVD today and we’re psyched to see it again. The Martian rocketed to the top of the charts last year and for good reason, the story is about Mark Watney who is left on the planet Mars after…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 2nd February 2016

Lots to get through this week with over 50 new rentals now available from your account including plenty of new movies, particularly in the horror department this week. Our first stand-out highlight and what must seem like a cruel joke this week espec…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 26th January 2016

Two excellent new TV boxsets and a string of great movies from 2014 and 2015, it’s time for your final DVD update of January 2016. Let’s kick off with those boxsets. First up is everyone’s favorite British time period drama, Downton…

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New Netflix DVD Releases : 19th January 2016

Relatively quiet week this week after the blockbuster releases we had last week. There’s plenty of movies to pick from but the chances are you may have skipped over these ones. The stand out here is the 2015 Pan. A modern rendition of Peter Pan…

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