13 Reasons Why Season 2: Questions We Need Answers To

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Netflix certainly did it again with the release of another addictive and binge-able Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why, by bringing us another series where fans just want more. A show that got us hooked from the very first episode and then binging our way through the entire season to ultimately find out what Clay did that was so bad and why Hannah decided that life was just too tough.

Based on the novel by Jay Usher, 13 Reasons why is a Netflix original series about Clay Jenson a high school student who receives a package containing cassette tapes used by his classmate and friend Hannah Baker, a young girl who takes her own life after struggling to make friends at school and trying to get rid of a reputation that she has through no fault of her own managed to get.

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For us viewers, the series shows us the dangerous concept of online bullying through social media and what it can do to so many young people.

Deciding that she has had enough with life and the daily struggles that it seems to throw at her, Hannah’s feels her only choice is to end it but before doing so, she decided to make a number of cassette tapes (cassette tapes so it would be harder for people to be able to listen to after all its 2017 and who has a tape recorder these days) where she names and shames the people that have bought her to this, and let’s face it, if you have watched and finished the series she had a pretty tough time of it.


From the start of the series you already know how it’s going to end up for Hannah, but after 13 episodes it seems that there are a lot of unanswered questions and cliff-hangers which have left fans hoping for a second season, surely it can’t just end like that can it? We want answers to these questions!

Will Bryce get charged?

After listening to Tape 5 Side A, it is disclosed that after freaking out at Clay, Hannah finds herself alone in Jessica’s bedroom and where she witnesses Bryce rape a drunk and passed out Jessica. Not only this but later in the season he does the same to Hannah in the hot tub at one of his party’s.

Bryce seems to be one of those bully boys that thinks he can treat women like that and get away with it, in his eyes they were asking for it and he has done nothing wrong. Having listened to the tapes and knowing what Bryce had done to Hannah, Clay decides to confront him and manages to get a recorded confession out of him, without Bryce knowing.

Adding to this, after Jessica finally learns what happened to her at her party, it appears in the season finale that she is going to tell her father. So, we are left wondering will Bryce get what’s coming to him and get charged for his crimes.

Who shot Alex?

New boy Alex ended up on one of the tapes after he put Hannah on a list (the list being that she has the ‘best ass in the Freshman Class’. Hannah felt that had that list not been made then some of the things that happened to her may not have happened.

Throughout the program, it seems that Alex is probably the only one out of all the friends apart from Clay who actually feels guilt over what he did and what eventually happened to Hannah. In episode 12 we learn that a 17-year-old boy has been rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. It’s not until the season finale when Principle Bolan reveals to Mr. Porter that it is in fact, Alex.

Did the guilt all get too much for Alex so he tried to take his own life or was he shot by someone else?

What is Tyler planning to do with the guns?

School photographer Tyler is on the tapes after developing an obsession with Hannah and becoming her stalker. He doesn’t seem to have any friends and seems to be an easy target for bullies. After learning that he is on the tapes he tries to involve himself with the other students and stop the tapes from going any further after Clay has finished with them.

But has Tyler got a revenge list? Is he going make the students and the school pay for their bullying of not only himself but for Hannah too. Is this the reason why he has a worrying number of guns stashed away his is room? And could he have shot Alex?

What happens to Sheri?

After offering Hannah a lift back from Jessica’s party, Sheri ends up knocking down a STOP sign and by not reporting it this ultimately ends up leading to school friend Jeff’s death.

Sheri’s tape is Hannah’s confession of this and after a conversation with Clay, the last thing we see of her is her handing herself in.

Where does Justin go?

After being kicked out of his home by his mum and her bully boyfriend Seth, Justin packs his bag with a stash of money and a gun and leaves, but where is he going? And what is he going to do with the gun?

Will Mr Porter lose his job?

The School councillor is the last person on Hannah’s tapes. Had he just done his job properly and listened to the heartbroken young girl, and helped her in her final try at giving life one more go then would Hannah have taken her life? All she wanted was for someone to listen and help her. Had he of done that or followed her out of the room, the programme could have had a different ending.

With the tapes now in his possession, will he fess up to the tragic error that he made?
What’s going to happen with the tapes once Mr and Mrs Baker have heard them?
Hannah picked Tony to make sure the tapes were delivered to each person on her list, and sticking to his promise he does what is asked of him.

What’s going to happen with the tapes once Mr and Mrs Baker have heard them?

In the finale episode, we see Tony giving Hannah’s parents Mr and Mrs Baker a USB stick with a copy of all the tapes on them.

Once they have listened and heard the harrowing details of what their only daughter went through, what will the heartbroken parents decide to do with the recordings and will this play a major part in their lawsuit against the school.

So, Netflix, will fans get their questions answered, and is a second season on the cards for the popular show?