5 Series Similar to Orange is the New Black on Netflix

series-similar-to-orange-is-the-new-blackOrange is the New Black is the staple of the Netflix library offering a unique and diverse set of characters and stories all in the comfort of Litchfield prison. If like us, you’re all caught up with Orange is the New Black and can’t quite manage a 6th run-time viewing of the show, you may want to try something a little similar to the show on Netflix, well it’s a good thing we’re here as we’re going to pick out 5 other shows you should be watching on Netflix right now.

What does the show have to have to be on this list? Well any of the following traits from Orange is the New Black which it masters so well. The writing, the strong female cast, the issues the show covers or just how good the drama is.


wentworth-netflixIf the prison scene is your thing, then why not go and check out Australia’s equivalent of Orange is the New Black, Wentworth. The series shares a heck of a lot with Orange is the New Black although it’s worth noting it deliberately takes a bit of a darker tone than Orange does. It focuses on Bea Smith who’s been charged with the attempted murder of her husband but doesn’t quite adjust to the life of prison.

Prison Break

prison-break-netflixOnce again sticking with the prison theme we visit perhaps the most influential prison drama’s of all time. Prison Break was known as the ultimate cliff hanger show with each episode leaving you desperate for more episodes. The series follows two brothers who just so happen to be in the same prison after one is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It’s heart pounding and globe trotting too flipping to a different prison each season. The series leaves you breathless and thankfully after a long hiatus, it’s due to be heading back to our screens in the near future.


weeds-netflixIf it’s the writing in Orange is the New Black that keeps you come back after each season then thankfully Jenji Kohan has had another series in the past. Weeds has clever story telling and once again is dealing with a subject that’s not quite on the legal side. The show is much darker than Orange and a little bit grittier but unfortunately got unwatchable towards the end of the shows lifetime.

The L Word

the-l-wordSharing a large female cast with interesting back stories, The L Word is a Canadian show that ran for 6 seasons. Set in the much more glamorous West Hollywood it features multiple intertwined storylines from a set of woman living in the city.


sense8LGBT issues are a constant theme in Orange is the New Black with the main character, Piper having to often deal with the negative stigmas attached. Sense8 deals with homosexuality and transgenders issues like no other show out there as it’s built into the fabric of the show. It’s another Netflix Original and it’s due another season towards the end of this year.

Kasey Moore

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