Netflix is set to release another Stephen King adaptation. After the success of Gerald’s Game and 1922, which both earned strong critical reactions, they have acquired In the Tall Grass, a novella written by Stephen King and his son and fellow bestselling horror author Joe Hill.

In the Tall Grass was first published in 2012 and follows a pair of inseparable siblings on their cross-country trip who stop at a field of tall grass after they hear a little boy calling for help. Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve lost one another. They soon discover there may be no way out.

The movie will be directed by Vincenzo Natali, best known for the movies Cube and Splice.

Westworld‘s James Marsden is set to star.

Are you a Stephen King fan? What other books would you like to see Netflix adapt? Let us know in the comments!

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