Bill Cosby Netflix Special postponed Amidst New Allegations

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Netflix along with NBC has today announced that any collaboration would be postponed due to the light of new allegations. Now, while we don’t want to get too in-depth as to the allegations because we’re ultimately a website purposely driven for Netflix however it has had a direct effect on a comedy which was coming exclusively to Netflix. The title was going to be called Bill Cosby 77.

Netflix’s collaboration with American comedians has been quite extensive this year which can be seen to grow Netflix’s exclusive catalogue with seemingly cheap entertainment. Bill Cosby was one of those.

In a statement released by Netflix on the matter they said “At this time we are postponing the launch of the new stand-up comedy special, ‘Bill Cosby 77.’”. NBC has also announced a similar move postponing it’s upcoming sitcom with the actor. His appearance on Letterman this week has also been cancelled.

A history of sexual abuse allegations has shrouded Cosby’s recent attempt to relight his comedy career. At least five women have come forward with claims of abuse from the comedian. We’re disappointed that we won’t be getting the exclusive for a while but on the other hand we completely understand too. More on this as it develops.

Bill Cosby Netflix Special postponed Amidst New Allegations

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