Black Lightning Season 2 Netflix Release Schedule 2019

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The CW’s Black Lightning is back and has been releasing weekly onto Netflix in many regions. Here’s the full release schedule for Black Lightning Season 2 on Netflix around the world including when it will be streaming the United States. 

Netflix has been the home to multiple DC shows for many years, at least in the United States. The CW has upped their content from the DC universe even more in recent years. This is possibly to compete with the rising Marvel shows on ABC, Netflix itself, and Disney’s own streaming service is rumored to have new series on the way.

The new series is a little more laid back than the other shows on The CW from DC like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The story focuses on a school principal who returns to his previous life as an electrical superhero.

The series is currently on its mid-season break.

When will Black Lightning be on The CW?

Of course, the show first airs on The CW and will begin slightly earlier this year than season 1 did. Instead of airing in January, the series has been moved forward to coincide with other DC shows on The CW. New episodes began on The CW on October 9th and released every Tuesday thereafter.

Of course, you can catch up with season 1 on Netflix or, if you’re in the US, you can also watch through The CW’s app.

When will Season 2 of Black Lightning be on Netflix US?

The US won’t be getting early access to the show as some of the other regions that carry it as a Netflix Original. Black Lightning will be coming to Netflix US once the show has finished on The CW.

The CW and Netflix entered into a new relationship back in 2016 where new CW series would land on Netflix around 8 days after it wraps up airing. It was believed that the second season would only consist of 13 episodes like season 1 meaning we’d expect season 2 to arrive in the US sometime in February 2019.

Some outlets have reported the season 2 has been expanded to 16 episodes meaning it won’t be due to wrap up and come to Netflix until March or April 2019.

We also need to make you aware of the fact that CBS (the parent organization of The CW) has said that eventually, they may launch a streaming service for The CW’s content meaning that its position on Netflix may potentially be in question.

Netflix Regions Getting Weekly Episodes of Black Lightning.

The majority of Netflix regions will be getting weekly episodes of Black Lightning. These regions include Netflix in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, most of mainland Europe and South America.

As of the time of the updated publishing, Netflix carries 9 of the 10 episodes from season 2. The series went on a mid-season break on December 11th onwards with the final episode not coming to Netflix until January 28th, 2019.

Black Lightning returns January 28th to Netflix Internationally

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