When will ‘Cable Girls’ Season 4 be on Netflix?

Cable Girls – Copyright Netflix

Cable Girls season 3 has now been on Netflix for a couple of weeks across the world and if you’re like us, you’re probably wanting to know whether season 4 is happening and when it’ll be coming to Netflix. The Spanish show is a little harder to track but here’s what we know about a possible season 4 and when it’ll release on Netflix. 

Netflix has opened up a huge library of foreign titles to new audiences around the world. Netflix has released some superb Spanish titles over the past few years and Cable Girls or “Las chicas del cable” as it’s known in Spain, is a shining light.

The series is wholly produced by Netflix and is carried under the Netflix Original banner in Spain and abroad with two seasons releasing in 2017 and season 3 recently releasing in September 2018. The series depicts how women lived back in the 1920’s in Madrid performing their job as Cable Girls.

Has Cable Girls Been Renewed for Season 4?

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last updated: 09/15/2018)

You may have missed official confirmation of the fact Cable Girls got renewed, it did happen. Season 4 was announced on September 12th, 2018 just a week after season 3 dropped on Netflix.

The first news of season 4 came from Primerahora suggests all the cast are privy to information about season 4. Nadia de Santiago who plays Marga in the series said: “We have one more season, the fourth one, and for the moment we have been two years, and we have just finished the third one now,”. That suggests that not only will there be a season 4 but that it’ll conclude the story.

When will season 4 be on Netflix?

As you may know, Cable Girls is produced and exclusively release by Netflix across the world meaning they’ll be the first to air new episodes. All sources seem to point to the fact that Cable Girls season 4 will be releasing in Spring 2019. One source goes further and suggests that season 4 will be arriving in April/May 2019.

How many episodes will there be in season 4?

Like the previous three seasons before it, we’re expecting season 4 to once again consist of 8 episodes.

So there you have it, season 4 of Cable Girls should be on Netflix soon but season 4 will be bittersweet as it brings Netflix’s first original Spanish production to a close. Let us know down below if you’re looking forward to season 4 dropping on Netflix.