Campaign to Revive Constantine Reaches 40,000 Signatures

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Matt Ryan (above) playing the role of John Constantine

If you’re rolling your eyes thinking that there’s yet another petition for Netflix, among others, to save Constantine from being axed altogether then I wouldn’t blame you. Every time I get sent a petition it astounds me the dedication and loyalty these fans have to see their show revived. We’ve seen it a few times before whether it was for Forever, Dominion or Hannibal.

This week it’s been bought our attention of a mounting campaign asking The CW Network, Netflix and Yahoo Screen to invest in bringing Constantine back to life and giving the show a fairer chance after it was canned after the first season. A good score with the critics and much love from the fans makes you question why NBC gave Constantine the chop.

Constantine was a modern day adaptation of a DC Comic Universe character called John Constantine who was in The Hellblazers. The show is a much darker tone to most series in the same genre dealing with exorcisms, the supernatural and dark arts. The show ran for 13 episodes before a failed attempt at getting a season 2 by Matt Ryan and his team.

Here’s what the official campaign to revive the show has to say “The dark supernatural TV series Constantine originally aired on NBC for one 13 episode season only to be cancelled. This left a very strong and avid fan base without any network for their show to call home.” adding that “Constantine needs to be saved by another network to give the fans closure.”

They also mentioned their strategy and which networks they’re gunning for picking up the show “The networks we will be targeting are El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, AMC, and the USA network.”

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