Could Netflix Pick Up NBC’s Timeless for Season 2?

News broke about NBC’s decision to cancel Timeless over the past couple of days and many are looking at Netflix to revive the show for season 2. Below, we’ll be taking a look at that possibility and whether and when you’ll be able to stream season 1 of Timeless on Netflix too.

A bit of background on the show first. It’s a sci-fi series that premiered on NBC with 16 episodes in October 2016. The story mainly follows three people who are time traveling to prevent another time traveler from changing the course of American history. The format of the show wasn’t particularly new but what gave it an edge was its excellent writing and memorable cast particularly the villain.

The series looked to have a good future with NBC extending the first season by 3 episodes but on May 10th, the network announced it’d be canceling the show along with many other popular NBC shows.

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Could Netflix pick up the show?

In theory yes although it’s obviously a lot more complicated than that. Sony TV produces the show for NBC much like the way they produce Bloodline for Netflix and Breaking Bad for AMC. What it comes down to ultimately is budget and a show like Timeless will have a big one. Sony is reportedly shopping the show to other networks currently so it’s likely would be one of the contenders.

Sadly, we think its highly unlikely they’d pick up the show as they already have a few shows exclusively streaming which fall into the same genre as we’ll go into below. But we’d never say never and we’ll update you when/if the show does find a new home.

Will Netflix stream season 1 of Timeless?

This is more likely although we aren’t aware of any timelines. To recoup the losses of the first season, NBC may put the show out to tender to other streaming networks. Hulu had exclusive new episodes every week and continue to have the whole first season. We think if Netflix was to pick up the show it’d be around September and October when they renew some of their other content on Netflix.

In the meantime, we definitely recommend going and checking out another sci-fi series with a few similarities and it’s a Netflix Original too. That show is called Travelers and released late last year on Netflix with another season scheduled for 2017. The Canadian time traveling sci-fi series Continuum may also be right your alley.

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