Dear White People Season 2: Netflix Release Date and Renewal Status

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The first ten episodes gave us a glimpse into the new world of Dear White People. The arrival of the show faced a lot of criticism but after a strong first ten episodes which should’ve hopefully swayed most people, many are now looking ahead to the possibility of a second season. Here’s the official line on season 2 plus when we think it may release.

The series which acts as a satire based in Winchester University is a movie-to-TV adaptation which mainly centers around Sam, a radio presenter with a lot to say. The initial trailers a few months ago created a fair bit of tension although many pointed out the movie ended up being an inward-looking comedy and we’re pleased to report the TV series has also delivered to this end. Obviously, some people still won’t like the show but there’s not much you can do about that.

Dear White People Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last updated: 07/01/2017)

After a slew of cancellations over the summer so far including Girlboss, Bloodline and Sense8 it’s a relief that finally Dear White People has been announced to be getting a second season next year.

Below is the official Facebook account with the announcement video.

Season 2 Plot

As for the plot of where Dear White People could go, there’s still a lot left unanswered and potential avenues for the show to go down. The final episode had Sam doing the biggest radio show of her life while still trying to maintain a relationship with Gabe. We do see ties mended between Sam and Coco but there’s obviously potential for further conflict down the road. Plus with the college’s race relations at a tension.

What will happen with Sam & Gabe’s relationship?

The biggest revelation at the end which seriously hints to the second season is the kidnapping that Kelsey announced but was mostly shrugged off by the rest of the dorm.

On a side note, the TV show that everyone watches in a dorm has way more unanswered questions.

When will season 2 of Dear White People be on Netflix?

The show is produced by Lionsgate which also produces another show for Netflix in the form of Orange is the New Black. Using that show as a marker for when new seasons will release we think that Dear White People will be released on an annual basis. This has more weight given the fact that it’s a drama that doesn’t require many sets, special effects nor contain big budget movie stars.

Given this, it’d be wise to expect the next season of Dear White People in April/May 2018.

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