Designated Survivor Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

In September 2018, it was announced by Netflix that they had picked up fan favorite Designated Survivor. With the hype surrounding the upcoming release of season 3, here’s everything we know so far.

What is Designated Survivor?

Designated Survivor is a fictional political show that is centered around US politician Tom Kirkman. After a terrorist attack on Capitol Hill destroys the US Senate and the entirety of the US cabinet including the President of the United States, Kirkman as the designated survivor is sworn in to become the acting President of the United States.

A designated survivor is a member of the cabinet that is selected to go to an undisclosed location while the current President and his remaining Cabinet are all gathered together at a single location. In the event of a terrorist attack that results in the death of all remaining cabinet members, the designated survivor is the guarantee that through the line of succession that the government will continue and not collapse.

What we know so far

The news first broke late in the early hours of the morning on the 6th of September that Netflix had acquired the show. Since then Twitter has been buzzing for any details it could pick up on what’s coming for season 3 of Designated Survivor.

Along with the production and release of season 3 through the streaming service, seasons 1 & 2 of the show are now also available to stream right now.

Previously having 22 episodes per season, for its 3rd outing Netflix is trimming the fat and condensing this down to 10 Episodes. While some fans may be upset with the idea of having fewer episodes this season, Designated Survivor could now be seen as the imminent replacement for House of Cards.

Netflix has also assigned a showrunner Neal Baer (Under the Dome, ER) replacing Keith Eisner. Along with picking up the show from ABC, Netflix has also confirmed that season 1 and 2 of the show will be available to stream on the United States in the fall of 2018. The show will now be released as a Netflix original with ABC no longer a producer in the show.

How did Cast respond to the Netflix move?

Keifer Sutherland will reprise his role as President Tom Kirkman, and the majority of the cast will reprise their roles in the show. Sutherland had the following to say:

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play President Kirkman for season three of Designated Survivor with Netflix, eOne and Neal Baer,” Sutherland said. “I believe this format will allow us to continue to delve deeply into storylines and issues concerning the American electorate that were not previously possible.”

Where is production?

There isn’t any word yet on where the production is currently up to. In previous seasons the series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario but as ABC studio will no longer have involvement with eOne it is most likely that filming will be kept in Toronto for the foreseeable future.

The tweet from Italia Ricci may hint that some production on the show has begun already. This could be an older photo that was taken of the cast but for now, we can speculate there could be potential table reads of the script bringing the current cast together once again.

Casting News

There is no official update as of yet for new cast members but Michael Ausiello from TV line has reported some new casting information. He had this to say:

With production on the Netflix-saved Season 3 set to start up in mid-October, casting is underway for some new roles: a campaign manager who appreciates the pitfalls as well as the historical value in stumping for an Independent incumbent, and the new Chief of Staff she will butt heads with; a gay, black male who runs the West Wing’s digital team; and a quirky geneticist who factors into Hannah’s new mystery to solve.

When could we expect a release date?

It has been revealed that we will see the release of Season 3 in 2019 with September potentially being the month the season drops. As there is no confirmation yet this is currently speculation.

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