Documentaries Starring Stephen Hawking Streaming on Netflix

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Over the years, Stephen Hawking has contributed immensely to the scientific world and has often been included in many documentaries that put his fantastic mind to good use. Unfortunately, we have learned that he passed away. We thought what better way of celebrating his work than sitting down and watching some of his amazing documentaries? Below we will be taking a look what is available to stream on Netflix.

The first documentary that Hawking appeared in was the 1985 TV Movie Creation of the Universe. As you can tell by the name, the show covers the initial creation of the universe at the hands of the Big Bang, and how everything, including us, came into existence.

Since then, Hawking has even appeared in some of the biggest shows ever including appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Bang Theory, and even The Simpsons. Some of the stars that had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Hawking paid their tribute to him this morning via Twitter.

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As well as making appearances in documentaries, Hawking also headed up plenty of his own. Series such as Stephen Hawking’s UniverseStephen Hawking’s Favorite Places and Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking were all extremely successful and popular.

Unfortunately, none of these self-titled documentaries are currently available anywhere on Netflix.

Fans of Hawking will also remember that back in 2014 a film starring Eddie Redmayne was released titled The Theory of Everything, and covered the early life and work of the now-world-renowned physicist. If you would like to take a look at where The Theory of Everything is available to Stream on Netflix, please visit our other article here.

Documentaries Available in the US

At the moment there is sadly only one title available on US Netflix that features Hawking. The Truth is in the Stars follows William Shatner as he sits down with many scientists on the forefront of discovery to discuss how the innovation and optimism of the “Star Trek” franchise has influenced not only them, but many generations.

Although it might not star Hawking directly, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a reboot of the original Cosmos documentary and is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. If you are particularly interested in the sort of theories pioneered by Hawking, you should definitely check this show out.

Documentaries Available in the UK

The story is remarkably the same when it comes to UK Netflix. The only documentary available that includes Hawking is The Truth is in the Stars. However, the comedy series The Big Bang Theory, which has a number of guest appearances from the man himself, is available to stream.

If you are a little disappointed with how many of his documentaries are available to stream, don’t worry. Many titles, especially documentaries, move in and out of Netflix all the time. Make sure to bookmark this article as we will update it if we see any arrive.

Documentaries Starring Stephen Hawking Streaming on Netflix

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