8 Netflix facts that are astounding

This week we’re going to be going through some of the ultimate Netflix facts which you may not have ever heard of. This doesn’t include boring number statistics which we’re saving for another article just pure wacky and almost unbelievable truths behind Netflix and how it operates.

1. Netflix Origins

Netflix would have never started if it wasn’t for the fact that Reed Hastings had $40 of late fees from his VHS copy of Apollo 13 he’d never have started the company. Netflix, of course was the pioneer of not having late fees. So you can thank his previous rental company for screwing him over and creating the Netflix we love today.

2. HBO hates Netflix

HBO-Netflix From the early days Netflix had always wanted to be friends with HBO and offer their infinitely superior content on the service and in a letter to shareholders we were led to believe it might happen. Unfortunately the truth is far from that as HBO treats Netflix as public enemy number 1 and ultimately their biggest competition. HBO no longer even provides discounted DVD’s to Netflix. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer said categorically that they want ‘to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.’ 

3. Size of a country

With Netflix surpassing the 40 million monthly subscriber mark it led us to see where they’d rank on the country scale. It’d rank at 33 just behind Argentina and narrowly beating Algeria. Alright it’s not the most amazing statistic like Facebook being the third largest country in the world but the pace that Netflix is growing is quite astonishing.

4. Unlimited Holidays

Do you have a full-time job? Do you get much holiday? Well if you’re a Netflix employee you don’t really have a definitive answer to a question about holidays as you’re simply allowed to take any number of weeks, days or even months off at your leisure. It’s all part of Netflix’s plan to ‘treat employees like adults’.

5. Worst of the Worst

1983293 I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s alot of filler content but there is some titles so bad that even Netflix shouldn’t pick them up. Netflix has allowed its users for years to rate titles and then give an aggregate rating based on those ratings and the results are in. The very worst title streaming on Netflix is ‘Lagegi‘ with a chronic 1.5 stars out of 5. The TV series which doesn’t even have an IMDb is officially the worst rated series on Netflix.  You can subject to yourself to this movie here.

6. Don’t be a square

In 2011 it’s reported that Netflix saved around $225 million in postal charges from switching its envelopes from square to rectangular. This is because UPS – its delivery supplier – charges more for square envelopes and ultimately saved the company a ton of dough. – Source

7. That’s alot of categories

It’s been said that Netflix now has over 37,000 individual categories to categories each of the titles streaming on the service. While there’s a ton of obviously ones including Action, Comedy and Sports, there’s also a few rather odd ones floating in the system. These range from ‘sentimental movie about horses for ages 11 to 12’ to ‘Campy Mad-Scientist Movies’. On April fools there’s a load of funny categories added too.

8. Pirate Studies

Just after Netflix launched in the Netherlands Netflix announced how to choose which big-budget movies and TV series to purchase for Netflix users to watch. Well if you’ve ever wondered why then you may want to look to the illegal side of the internet as they search Torrent sites so see which one has the most downloads. It’s odd but it works. – Source

Kasey Moore

Founder and editor at What's on Netflix - in charge of cataloging the new additions and the future releases.