Élite Reportedly Renewed for Seasons 4 & 5; Brand New Cast

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The international sensation that is the Spanish teen drama series Élite is reportedly not only renewed for season 4 but for season 5 too. It’s also set to see a refreshed cast according to sources. Here’s what we know.

Let’s provide a little bit of context before progressing further.

Elite is one of the many Netflix Original Spanish series on Netflix but it sits on top with Money Heist (season 4 coming in April!) in terms of being the most popular.

The series is about three girls who begin attending a posh private school but the resentment among other students leads to murder.

Season 3 of Elite is due for release on Netflix on March 13th, 2020.


Note: this article is based on mostly rumor including some inside sources which we weren’t able to verify. Pinch of salt but we thought it’s worth bringing to your attention. 

A Spanish TV site with the blogger Álvaro Onieva revealed that season 3 will conclude the main story arc. Specifically, that going forward into season 4, there’ll be a brand new cast and a new storyline. When reading interviews with the cast, most speak about season 3 in a rather conclusive fashion as in, that’s the end of their tenure on the show.

According to their source, production agreements have already been signed for season 4 and season 5. They also reveal that while they will have most of the cast refreshed, one or two characters may carry over.

The reset would be in a similar vein to how Narcos on Netflix works. The first two seasons were about the famed Pablo Escobar before it moved onto a cartel and now, is spun-off entirely with Narcos: Mexico (hoping to get a third season FYI).

That’s all we know for now, do you hope Elite continues after season 3? Do you think the show should end after a third season if it wraps up the story? Let us know in the comments.

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