Glitch Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Glitch season 2 came to Netflix in late November 2017 and given we had to wait just over a year, can we be expecting a similar wait for season 3? Let’s take a look at whether the show has been cancelled, renewed and most importantly when it’ll be on Netflix.

Now in case you weren’t aware, Glitch isn’t quite a full Netflix Original. Netflix was a co-producer on the show plus the international distributor for Glitch. They co-produced with Australian network, ABC to produce both the first and second season. That means any decision about Glitch is a joint one and something to bare in mind later in the article.

The show isn’t the first supernatural drama to hit Netflix with another co-production, Between being very similar to Glitch. The show is set in a small town in Australia where during the middle of the night, seven people rise from the dead as if they were never dead. It’s important to stress it’s not a zombie show but is still very much worth your time.

Season 3 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed (Last updated: 11/29/2017)

The show has yet to be renewed at the time of writing and that’s no surprise as the second season wasn’t announced until much later on after the first season. It’s worth noting that Netflix only has half a say (if that) if season 3 will happen.

We’ve found that only in rare cases will Netflix continue the production after one half pulled out. Longmire is the most prolific case of this.

Does the show have enough life in it to continue though? One of the key questions, as explained by the co-creator is that each season is asking a specific question. Season 1 asked the question of ‘Who’, season 2 answered the question of ‘how’ and that likely means that season 3 would answer the final question of ‘why’. That there alone suggests that the showrunners have enough material for a third season.

When will season 3 of Glitch be on Netflix?

Netflix would get the series after it airs in Australia. Typically a month after and given how it’s a traditional channel releasing, you can bet they’ll want to be going for a fall release as that’s when it can garner the most live viewers and most importantly, most ad revenue. That means we can expect ABC in Australia to air season 3 in September/October and then it arriving on Netflix between October 2018 and December 2018.

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