House of Cards Season 4 Release Date Announced

house of cards season 4

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Excited by the announcement of series 4? We are.  We need answers to so many outstanding questions.  Is it Frank or Claire who is the real power? What is Frank going to do about the divorce. Can Doug survive without Frank? Will Doug even be alive by the end of the series and more? And that’s just from where we left off.

What role is Neve Campbell going to play? What role is Colm Feore going to play? Can Frank get even more evil? Will Frank ever get found out? There are no clues from the original BBC series as the Netflix production has moved so far away. We’re not even going to bother looking for clues in Macbeth and Richard III….

What we do know is that the spoof political campaign launched by Netflix to promote House of Cards Series 4 is a work of genius.  It tells us nothing except that the series is coming and yet, within hours, has the series fans buzzing. It’s also showing up some of the real campaigns currently running for what they are.  But enough of that.

There will, surely, be more leaks now that the announcement has been made and we will bring you all the news (and some of the gossip) as it reaches us.

Bring it on Frank….

Season 4 of House of Cards lands on Netflix from March 4th 2016.