UPDATED: Insatiable Season 2: Will Netflix Cancel or Renew? Release Date

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Netflix’s most controversial series to date has now been out for over a week so it’s time to look at whether or not it’ll be coming back for season 2 and should it come back when it’ll release on Netflix.

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The new show starring Debby Ryan has been trashed figuratively and literally ever since it released on August 10th. Its initial trailer caused controversy and although the cast tried to put out the flame saying the full series is different, the actual release only stood to fan the flame.

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On the review side, the show is currently sitting at 12% making it one of the worst rated Netflix shows in its history. So, all signs point to this show being canceled but what’s Netflix’s decision going to be and when could season 2 release?

Season 2 Insatiable Netflix Renewal Status

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed (Last updated 08/17/2018)

On paper, this show should not exist. On network television, it wouldn’t have got very far as advertisers would’ve left in droves and even if season 1 released on network television. But despite the bad publicity and the reviews we still think Netflix may give the thumbs up to a second season.

Netflix doesn’t answer to advertisers like network television and only seemingly listens to the numbers. Those numbers are how many people watch the first episode and how many then go right through to the end. Because of all the bad publicity, we suspect many people have dived in and kept watching to see how bad it gets. Add to this the show was designed for younger audiences who typically stick to watch shows all the way through the end could mean that Netflix got the stats they were after.

The only other comparison we have is the controversial show ‘Dear White People’ which has now been renewed for its third season. We should point out that this controversial show had a lot of misplaced controversy as opposed to Insatiable.

At this point, we’re pretty much 50/50 on whether or not Insatiable will be back for season 2.

When will season 2 of Insatiable be on Netflix?

Assuming the show gets a renewal in the next few months (as is normal with Netflix Original renewals) then you can expect season 2 to drop in 2019 as the show will likely keep to an annual release schedule.

What do you think? Should Debby Ryan’s arguably tone-deaf comedy come back for another round or should it be sent to the heap?


Despite the controversy, Insatiable has been renewed for another season. And people are still not happy. Across social media there is still a fat-shaming outcry. Actress Alyssa Milano again defends the series:

“We are not shaming Patty. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat shaming. I hope that clears it up.”

We’ll just have to see where a second season takes us.

UPDATED: Insatiable Season 2: Will Netflix Cancel or Renew? Release Date

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