Insatiable Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Insatiable season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix – Copyright. Lady Magic Productions

One of Netflix’s most controversial series, Insatiable, recently returned for its long-awaited second season. Crazier and zanier, Insatiable hasn’t been afraid to go off the deep but in the process entertaining plenty of subscribers that have tuned in for more Patty Bladel. But will Insatiable be returning for a third season? Let’s find out!

Insatiable is a Netflix Original black-comedy created by Lauren Gussis. The series was originally pitched for The CW but eventually found its home on Netflix. Netflix, arguably, had one of their largest controversies when the series was announced in 2018, with over 270,000 people signing a petition on to pull the series. Ultimately, Netflix persevered and Insatiable was one of the most-watched Originals series of 2018.

What is the Netflix renewal status for Insatiable?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated 14/10/2019)

Despite the poor critic ratings and overall disdain from the internet, Insatiable survived the gauntlet with season one. You could argue this was because of the series started life in an extremely controversial fashion, which resulted in a very large number of viewers. For those unaware of why Insatiable was considered controversial, it was the actual premise of the series which triggered a large portion of the internet. Many believed the series premise promoted fat shaming.

The resulting controversy ensured many flocked to Netflix to see the series for themselves. Thanks to the sheer volume of viewers, this resulted in a second season. If twitter is anything to go by Insatiable is certainly a guilty pleasure and fans are demanding more. But will it be enough for Netflix to renew the series for season three?

It took just little under a month for news on renewal for the second season. If news of a third season is as swift as season two, then we may know the future of Insatiable by Mid-November.

Does the story need a third season?

There will certainly be plenty of angry fans if Insatiable isn’t renewed for a third season.

The finale ended with Patty coming to terms with her love for killing, and rather than seeing herself as a victim, she now sees herself as being empowered, going so far as to even describe to Bob that “nothing tastes as good as killing feels.” Patty is not only a danger to herself but to anyone that stands in her way. The only person who knows just how truly dangerous Patty is, Bob, is in jail, this gives Patty free reign to leave a trail of destruction in her wake.

The corpse of Stella Rose, hidden in Patty’s suitcase – Copyright. Lady Magic Productions

Patty is now on the hunt for Regina so she can clear Bob’s name. She’s made her intentions clear that clearing Bob’s name and showing the world of Regina’s guilt as the Pageant Killer is not enough. Patty has every intention of killing Regina when she gets the chance.

Patty is certainly being set up to be the villain of next season and that can only end one way. The story certainly needs a third season, and we’d fully expect it to be the very last season of Insatiable.

How did subscribers react to Insatiable season 2?

Going by the tweets below, plenty of subscribers tuned in for the second season of Insatiable season 2:

When is the Insatiable season 3 Netflix release date?

Outside of the select few Originals, Netflix is typically strict with their release dates. We had previously predicted that the second season would arrive in August, only for it to arrive two months later in October. If season 3 were to follow the same release schedule, then we could be waiting as long as December 2020.

The above of course is merely speculation and we are still waiting on confirmation that the series has been renewed.

Potential Release Date: Q3 or Q4 2020.

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