Is ‘Limitless’ Coming to Netflix?

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CBS has been one of the best networks for new series over the past year with Supergirl knocking it out of the park as well as Limitless being highlights of their fall lineup. It’s one of the many different TV shows that have premiered in 2016 that are based of movies. Limitless is a series adaption of the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper but will it stream on Netflix this year? Let’s find out.

Just to give you a bit more of a background on the show and how it came to be, the premise of the TV series and the movie stay relatively the same. A new experimental pill is made available to a select few and this pill gives the host the ability to unlock 100% of their brain power. The movie starred Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro and is streaming on Netflix in some regions such as the UK, European regions and Southern American regions too. In the movie Bradley plays a failing writer who’s new abilities means he can push forward in creating the perfect books but not without attracting some unwanted attention.

The TV show in a different light follows an FBI consultant who uses these new abilities to help catch criminals. The TV show features Jake McDorman playing the role of Brian Finch, Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) playing Rebecca Harris and Hill Harper playing Spellman Boyle.

To determine whether or not Limitless will come to Netflix streaming we have to look behind the business behind the show and its distributors and the networks involved with the show. CBS is the current network broadcasting the show. In the past and indeed the present, Netflix and CBS have come to arrangements in multiple regions bringing their content to the service with notable exceptions but we’ll cover that in a minute. So with that said, a partnership between the two content providers is possible but there’s a couple things that could stand in the way.

Firstly is the plans laid out by Time Warner boss (that owns CBS) detailing their intention to move away from content providers like Netflix in favor of adding their content to an exclusive platform run by themselves. This platform already exists and is known as CBS All Access. What’s not clear is whether or not that means the show is exclusive to that service with no intention of ever joining Netflix.

We also have to look at other shows in the same arena on CBS and whether they’re streaming on Netflix. Many CBS shows are vacant from Netflix meaning that Limitless could join the ranks of those not set to join but The CW, another Time Warner network, has most to all of their content currently streaming on Netflix. Of course another angle we have to take would be whether Hulu or Amazon Prime outbids Netflix on exclusivity which at the present time, they’ve not done.

At the moment we’d think the probability of the show coming to Netflix is around 50/50 but only time will tell. We certainly hope that it comes to Netflix streaming.

Is ‘Limitless’ Coming to Netflix?

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