Is Netflix Worth A Subscription?

netflix-subscription-moneyA potential customer checking into streaming services may wonder if a subscription to Netflix is worth the monthly expense. Once a customer has decided that they can afford the monthly subscription, they may be wondering exactly what their $7.99 is purchasing. Wonder no longer. Here, the facts have been checked. Potential customers of Netflix should continue reading for a detailed look into the value of Netflix as a home entertainment provider.

It’s all in the Delivery

A potential subscriber should note that to fully appreciate everything that Netflix has to offer, they will want a delivery method onto their big screen televisions. This can usually be achieved through some of the more popular game systems, such as Sony’s PS3 and Microsofts Xbox 360 with many more devices. Another way would be by connecting a computer to the television via an HDMI cord. There are also certain smart televisions that have the app already in place. The convenience of the delivery method should be taken into account when a Netflix subscription is being put up for a vote.

Educational Programming

A lot of people may not realize the extensive collection of documentaries available on Netflix streaming services. Don’t look for an exact number here as the numbers change frequently; Netflix adds new specials as they are made available. Some subscribers who homeschool their children have reported that Netflix plays a critical part in supplementing their child’s education. From history to science, astrology to engineering, there is always something new to learn on Netflix. There is also a megaton of family programming, so parents will want to keep this in mind when considering purchasing Netflix.

Blockbuster Programming

Netflix has really stepped up their game, with the introduction of Netflix Original Series, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove. This will prove to be a stroke of genius for the company. It was also pretty smart to attack such intensely different genres of television, as these will draw in a much wider viewing audience. House of Cards has been hailed by critics far and wide and this writer thinks that it ranks easily with HBO’s Newsroom, it has such smart writing and dynamic and very real characters. Hemlock Grove will appeal to those who like their television served with a side of creepy. Casting blockbuster stars, such as Kevin Spacey and Famke Janssen, for their “only on Netflix” series, shows that Netflix is going the distance in customer satisfaction.

Netflix Service

Movies, Shows,……and more movies.

Netflix has an incredible amount of movies and television shows for every different entertainment fanatic in the world. Whether a potential subscriber prefers horror, drama, comedies, romance, or sci-fi, the movies and television series seem endless. And customers should keep in mind that for an additional charge of $7.99 each month, they can have access to Netflix’s complete movie and television library, by subscribing to its mail delivery service.

There’s quite a bit to consider, when deciding if Netflix is the right choice to satisfy those entertainment needs. Netflix must know this, that’s why they offer to let their maybe customers in on a free trial. With over 36 million subscribers and counting, it’s easy to see why Netflix is so confident.

Finally, is Netflix worth the subscription?

Categorically yes.

Kasey Moore

Kasey Moore is the founder and editor-in-chief of What's on Netflix. Kasey launched the site in 2013 after growing frustration with finding content on Netflix. He has an in depth understanding of the release cycles for Netflix and has developed tools to make navigating Netflix easier. Resides in Norwich in the UK.