Is ‘The Bachelor’ on Netflix?


One of the biggest reality shows on television at the moment is The Bachelor and with Netflix quickly moving into the genre with series such as Chasing Cameron, could Netflix accompany it with streaming The Bachelor, let’s take a look. 

The series a slightly different take on the dating reality show where one Bachelor has to find his one true love by eliminating people week to week. The series has also spawned some successful spinoffs too including The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. The series is now in its 21st series having first started airing in 2002.

It’s bewildering to a lot of people how this show has managed to survive the test of time but for those who love the show, they revisit it every single year and having the back catalogue on Netflix would be a godsend.

Sadly, that reality doesn’t look like it’ll ever come to fruition. ABC does have quite a lot of its content, especially a lot of its prime content, available on Netflix already and renews them on an annual basis. At this point, we think that ABC prefers you tuning in every week and having it available on their other platforms. We’ve heard no inkling that it will be coming to Netflix soon and that’s the way it’ll likely remain.

The same can be said for abroad too as the series isn’t available in any other of the Netflix regions.

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For those with a Netflix DVD account, you’ll be able to find some best of boxsets but sadly not complete seasons.

Your only streaming options that exist at the time of writing are with a Hulu Plus subscription where new episodes are available a day after they air on ABC. You’ll also be able to catch up with the last few episodes on the official ABC website and app suite. This method is ad-supported however.

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