Is the ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Anime on Netflix?

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This week bought the announcement that Netflix is adapting another big anime series for a new series. With that news, you may be wondering if the original anime series is on Netflix or if it’ll arrive with the new live-action. Here’s what we know.

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, Netflix announced that it has picked up the license to Cowboy Bebop and will be producing a live-action series. The reaction has been, well, understandably apprehensive to say the least. Fans across social media and forums aren’t particularly looking forward to what’s to come especially when looking at the track record.

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The saving grace with the live-action title is that the Original anime creator has been brought on board to help with the title and should eventually have his blessing. Also, it’ll hopefully gain more followers to the original anime series.

The original anime series is much-loved and well respected. It only ran for 26 episodes when it aired back in the late 1990s but has kept a loyal fan base ever since. Let’s take a look at whether it’s coming to Netflix.

Netflix US isn’t streaming Cowboy Bebop at the moment

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Netflix doesn’t carry the original anime. As of yet, anyway.

The anime series has remained away from Netflix over the past few years with it predominantly sitting on Hulu since 2014. There have been occasions where the series looked to have found a new home such as earlier this year but the series continues to reside there.

With that said, Netflix could be picking up the show as part of the deal above. After all, it has managed to secure the streaming rights to the other two shows it has adapted. Given most streaming services renews their content annually, the next opportunity Netflix has is on December 19th to take it away from Hulu assuming we’re correct. It’s worth noting that the show isn’t currently listed for removal in December, though.

If that doesn’t happen it may be the case that Netflix only picks it up close to when the new live-action series releases. There is no confirmed date just yet.

Some Netflix Regions are Streaming Cowboy Bebop

Some Netflix regions do carry the show. The United Kingdom is the only other English speaking country to hold the show. They carry all 26 episodes and give you the availability of the English dub and the original Japanese version too.

Other regions streaming Cowboy Bebop include the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France and Portugal according to Unogs.

Do you want to see the Original anime series come to Netflix? It makes sense right? Let us know in the comments.

Is the ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Anime on Netflix?

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