‘Keith Richards : Under the Influence’ Netflix Original Documentary – Review


The Rolling Stones are the self-proclaimed greatest rock and roll band in the world.  Keith Richards, who is synonymous with the Rolling Stones (and many other things as well) is therefore, arguably, one of the most influential guitarists who has ever lived.

Now let’s be fair; this is a documentary for a generation.  Anyone who grew up with the Stones will be fascinated by Richards’ voyage through his life and his influences. There’s some great footage of some of the old rock and roll greats, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and the likes, and old footage of the Stones both on tour and in the studio. But the younger audience might wonder what it was all for.


The real eye opener is the footage of Keith on his own.  What immediately becomes clear is just how fabulously talented he is. Pianos, basses as well pretty much any type of guitar. And he talks with a clarity and wisdom that give the lie to his being a drug addled burned out icon from a time gone by.  Here is a man still absolutely at the top of game and, with a new album coming out, this is exciting stuff.


The cuts between the old footage and the new album in the studio just work.  They give absolute sense to the evolution of his influences over time into the new material. And the contribution from Tom Waits is hypnotic.

Should you watch Keith Richards : Under the Influence?

It doesn’t really matter which generation you pigeon hole yourself into, as a piece of rock and roll history Keith Richards Under The Influence is compulsive viewing. We recommend it.