Mindhunter Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Mindhunter – Copyright Netflix

Mindhunter first came to Netflix just over a year ago and left quite the impression. Fans have been clamoring to know when the Original crime-drama is set to return for season 2. Here’s everything we know so far for Mindhunter season 2.

Mindhunter is a crime-drama that takes place in the late 1970s In the early days of criminal profiling and criminal psychology at the FBI. The series revolves around the exploits of FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench. The pair set out to interview convicted mass murderers in the hope of understanding what lead them to carry out their crimes and to learn from the interviews and to apply them to ongoing cases.

The shows take inspiration from the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. The book was written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. John was a real-life FBI agent and is the inspiration behind the character agent, Holden Ford. David Fincher and Charlize Theron are both executive producers of the show. Both are known for their work on movies involving serial killers.

What happened at the end of Season 1?

Without him realizing it, agent Holden’s work interviewing serial killers had begun changing him as a person. Gone is the clean, shy and unconfident agent and in his place is a darker, confident and more arrogant Holden. Having learned a great deal from the interviews Holden began to solve more cases which only fed his ego further. As his ego grew ever higher he was accused of abhorrent behavior in the Gene Deviers case by Director Wendy. His own partner Tench even had his own words to say about Holden’s behavior:

“If what we’re doing doesn’t get under your skin, you’re either more messed up than I thought or you’re lying to yourself.”

Thinking he was immune to the toll of the interviews as he coerced and ‘befriended’ the killers for more information it wasn’t until his final confrontation with Ed Kemper that hit Holden with the realization just how little control he has resulting in a Nervous breakdown.

The ADT killer was unable to kill the victim he had selected and burned his notes on the would-be victim and their property.


What will the plot of season 2 be?

It is highly likely we will see a more nervous Holden after his confrontation with Kemper. Having had a nervous breakdown we won’t be seeing the same arrogant and confident agent we had before but a more guarded and cautious. With the break up between him and his partner Debbie we’ll most likely see a more vulnerable Holden. Whether or not they will reconcile remains to be seen.

The focus will remain on the interviews of the killers as they conduct their research into criminal profiling. Inbetween these interviews both Holden and Tench will be assigned to try and solve cases involving potential serial killings. As Holden is based on real-life FBI agent John E. Douglas it is publicly known that he as also spoke to serial killer Charles Manson so we could expect Manson to make an appearance this season. After an interview with Billboard, it has been revealed that one of the narratives of the season will be a focus on the Atlanta Child Murders.

Den of Geek has reported from The Hashtag Show the list of serial killers rumored to be in the next season. We shall reveal the names of the killers but we won’t list their crimes below. Rumored to appear are:

  • Charles Manson
  • Elmer Wayne Henley
  • Paul Bateson
  • The Son of Sam, David Berkowitz
  • Wayne Williams
  • William Pearce, JR.
  • William Henry Hance

The ADT killer is likely to make an appearance and once he starts racking up the numbers of victims it won’t be long before he attracts the attention of agents Holden and Tench.

Who are the cast members for Season 2?

The following cast members have been confirmed for Mindhunter Season 2:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard them before
Holden FordJonathan GroffFrozen, Looking, Taking Woodstock
Bill TenchHolt McCallanyThe Losers, Fight Club, Shot Caller
Dale HarmonDrew SeltzerHollywood Dirt, Leaving Circadia, The Men Who Stare at Goats
Lauren GlazierKay MasonRed Sparrow, Gone Girl
Wendy CarrAnna TorvFringe, Heavenly Sword, Secret City
Detective Art SpencerNate CorddryThe Circle, The Ugly Truth, St. Vincent

Hannah Gross is yet to be confirmed to reprise her role as Debbie Mitford. Cameron Britton hasn’t been confirmed to reprise his role as Ed Kemper.

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard them before
Montie RisselSam StrikeTimeless, Leatherface, M.I. High
Charles MansonDamon Herriman100 Bloody Acres, Mr. Inbetween, Squinters

Sam Strike will be reprising his role as Montie Rissel in the second season. Meanwhile, If the rumors are true as it has been reported at Collider then actor Damon Herriman will be the actor portraying Charles Manson. As he has also been cast in the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the very same role it is up for debate if he will be portraying the role twice. Netflix is yet to comment on the matter but it has been acknowledged by IMDb.

Where is the production up to?

Filming has begun on the series but Netflix has not revealed any set photos or official stills of Season 2 just yet.

Will Season 2 return with 10 episodes?

Going off the official IMDb page for Mindhunter the second season will air 8 episodes and not 10. This isn’t set in stone and the likely scenario will be Mindhunter returns with 10 further episodes.

Is there a trailer?

At the there is no trailer but with production fully underway we would hope to see a trailer soon!

When is the release date?

In an interview on the Howard Stern Show, Charlize Theron revealed that the second season will be arriving in August! We still don’t know when the second season arrives but we can expect to know more soon.

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