Narcos Renewed for Seasons 3 & 4: New Plot and Release Date Announced

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Narcos recently premiered its second season which followed up on the first and covered the death of the famed drug lord Pablo Escobar. The second season featured a poetic sendoff to the drug lord, and the fate of the show was unknown but today, Netflix has announced that Narcos will be returning for another two seasons.

In a newly released trailer, featured below season 3 was confirmed to be in existence and further publications have reported that Narcos has been renewed for two more seasons. In the trailer, we see Pablo Escobar being faded out with the caption “The Blow Must Go On” with a new character coming into focus all to the sounds of Young Men Dead by The Black Angels.

This all confirms our prediction a couple of weeks back that Narcos would live on beyond Pablo Escobar telling the stories of other major drug players that existed in the past and indeed to the present day.

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While the trailer hasn’t given too much away, we do know that in seasons 3 and likely 4, it’s almost certain that Netflix will be covering the story of the Cali Cartel that featured The Rodríguez-Orejuela Brothers, Josè Santacruz Londoño and Pacho Herrera. At the end of season 2 (spoiler) Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) announced he was going to be shifting his attention onto the Cali Cartel so expect a return from him.

Other details at this point in time are scarce and more will be announced over time. Whatever the case, we’re super excited that Netflix will be covering another drug lord, and we’ll be doing a post shortly with other ideas that Netflix might tackle in the future.

Although we’ve only had an additional two seasons confirmed, it’s likely that Narcos will continue running long into the future partly down to the amount of source material on drug lords throughout history.

Season 3 has been confirmed for 2017 and we’ll have a prediction as to the exact time later this week.

Narcos Renewed for Seasons 3 & 4: New Plot and Release Date Announced

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