Netflix vs Verizon continues after Verizon issues Cease and Desist

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If you’ve seen the image above it’s probably down to you being on the Netflix service through a Verizon DSL or alternative. It’s no secret that ISP’s have been gunning for a fast lane on the internet or should we say a normal lane against a slow lane with the current events with the FCC going ahead. Netflix has opposed to this and has fully supported Net Neutrality and is openly against major ISP’s. After all we saw a few months back that Comcast mysteriously increased their Netflix speeds after having millions of dollars part hands.

Verizon is the next one which is most likely to take a massive payout from Netflix but that doesn’t mean that Netflix will just roll over. Over the past few weeks if you’ve had a slow internet connection on Verizon then Netflix has been offering you a kind reminder of why exactly that is saying, ‘The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback…’. This has sparked a massive debate where Verizon denies claims that it’s their fault.

It’s also worth reminding yourself that Verizon has consistently performed poorly in Netflix’s own Speed Index monthly averages. However Verizon was furious when they found out what Netflix was doing (even if it is ethical and completely legal) Verizon almost immediately send a Cease and Desist letter to Netflix explaining that they must take this down. Of course Netflix responded, quite elegantly too I might add with the facts.

The next step in the battle ongoing with Verizon will no doubt continue off into the distance. We can’t promote the idea of Net Neutrality enough and what the FCC is proposing sucks for everyone. If you’re still unsure what the big deal is all about check out this segment from John Oliver’s new HBO series.

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