New Netflix Trailers This Week: March 11th, 2020

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Netflix has been dropping plenty of trailers this week and in an unusual fashion, we thought we’d pick out our favorite new trailers for upcoming Netflix Originals. 

This is a new format for us but given the number of new trailers Netflix has released over the past few days, we thought it’s worth looking at. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see more trailer roundups in the future.

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Let’s now take a look at the new trailers over the past 7 days.

Tiger King

Released yesterday, this trailer details the upcoming documentary special on Joe Exotic, a controversial and public figure. He’s mostly known for his antics involving owning a roadside zoo but also recently ran for public office.

The documentary is set to release on Netflix on March 20th, 2020 and is from the same studio that produced Fyre for Netflix last year.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

If you’ve already finished up with Altered Carbon season 2, you’re probably waiting for season 3 but Netflix has something to plug the gap in the meantime.

In a trend that’s soon to be followed by The Witcher, Altered Carbon is about to get an anime spin-off. It’s set to expand on the world and perhaps explore themes and subjects that can’t be done in a live-action setting.

Resleeved is due to release on Netflix globally on March 19th.


On March 9th, Netflix released its first full trailer for Uncorked. It was supposed to soon get a release at SXSW but it’s been delayed.

We just put out an expansive Netflix preview for Uncorked which can give you a deeper dive into what you can expect.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

The next title to come from the Obamas is this new documentary that we first covered in our Sundance 2020 Netflix roundup.

It’s the first official trailer released by Netflix and is currently due out on Netflix on March 25th exactly two weeks from the time of posting this roundup.

Money Heist Part 4

We CAN NOT wait for the next season of Money Heist which releases on Netflix globally on April 4th, 2020.

We’ve already put together the biggest what you need to know list which is now expanded by the first full trailer for the upcoming fourth season. At the time of publishing, the trailer is Netflix’s most popular of the week racking up over 2.6M views.

Ozark Season 3

Coming in second for the most viewed trailer this week is Ozark. The third season is just around the corner and we’ve been given our first glimpse at the new season.

The Platform

If you’re looking for a new foreign Original to get excited for, The Platform is for you.

The Spanish series is set in a futuristic prison where each prisoner is on a different floor and delivered rations that disproportionately discriminates depending on what floor you stay on. One man intends to change this.

If you loved Snowpierecer of Black Mirror, keep an eye out for this one when it drops on Netflix globally on March 20th


Tom Segura: Ball Hog

Finally, we end with a trailer for the upcoming stand-up special from Tom Segura.

This is set to be Tom’s third Netflix original adding to his first (Mostly Stories) in 2016 and second (Disgraceful) in 2018.

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