‘Ozark’ Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Ozark season 3 – Netflix

Netflix struck gold with the release of crime drama Ozark in 2017. Season 2 quickly followed in 2018 and season 3 has already been confirmed. With season three of Ozark on the way, we’re here to report everything we know so far. We have everything you need to know for the upcoming third season including what to expect, cast, its production status, and potential release date updates.

Ozark is a Netflix Original crime drama created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The series has become immensely popular, with many fans surprised at how brilliant Jason Bateman has performed outside of a comedic role.

Many have compared Ozark to that of Breaking Bad, and while the show has phenomenal potential to reach those heights it still has a long way to go to earn that level of recognition.

In September 2019, the show won an Emmy beating out Game of Thrones.

Everything We Know So Far: Ozark Season 3

Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained for Ozark Season 2

Let’s take a look at where we left off at the end of season 2 of Ozark.

The Snells

Marty and Wendy spent most of the season trying to open a casino so they can continue laundering money for the Cartel. They weren’t punished by the Cartel for the death of Mel and instead Marty was able to pitch a deal that involved a collaboration between the Cartel and the Snells.

The deal was hindered immensely thanks to Darlene sabotage and interfering. Marty and Wendy found a way to take the Snell’s land away from them thus eliminating them from the deal with the Casino. This would lead to Darlene would murdering her own husband Jacob.

To keep Darlene quiet and to stop interfering with the Byrde family and their operation, Marty reluctantly gave up Mason’s child Zeke to Darlene. Darlene now the foster mother of Zeke can adopt the baby boy in 2 years as his parents will never come forward to claim him as they are both dead.

Julia Garner, Jason Bateman in Ozark

The Langmores

Ruth’s father Cade was released from prison and spent most of his time drunk and scheming to get money. Meanwhile, Ruth was doing a great job of running Marty’s strip club operation and was hoping to learn more as Marty’s potential protege.

Ruth and her father would come to a head at the end of the season as Ruth refused to screw Marty over for her father. Having told Cade the truth about the death of his brother, Cade would try to emotionally blackmail but in the end, she would admit to her cousin Wyatt the truth about her dad. Wyatt had managed to get his place into a university and grown closer to Charlotte but all of this was thrown into doubt when he learns the truth about his Dad and runs away to think about his future.

Cade eventually showed his true colors and murdered the FBI agent Roy Petty. After Ruth refuses to give him the money he fast becomes a problem for the Byrdes and thus the Cartel. Wendy would offer Cade money on the condition he never returns and he gladly agrees and drives away. While driving out of the Ozarks, Cade is murdered by a member of the Cartel and left on the roadside. His body would be found and later identified by Ruth.

Jessica Miglio/Netflix

The Byrdes

Charlotte continued to grow distant from the family and grew closer to Wyatt Langmore. Sick of the crimes committed by the family Charlotte tried to get emancipation she could leave the Ozarks and start a new life for herself.

Jonah was saddened by the loss of Buddy and was still haunted by the fact he shot and killed a man. He used the money Charlotte had stolen to open up his own bank account. Jonah also helped Wendy come to a decision on getting Wilkes to continue his support for the casino.

Renewal Status for Ozark Season 3

Official renewal status: Renewed (Last updated: 10/10/2018)

The renewal for season 3 was confirmed in October 2018.

Jason Bateman had also confirmed the news on his twitter. Its renewal was never in doubt and took two months for Netflix to give the green light. Only a third season was ordered but we’ll come onto the future of the show beyond season 3 in a short while.

Casting for Ozark Season 3

The cast members confirmed to return for the third season are:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard them before?
Marty ByrdeJason BatemanArrested Development, Bad Words, Zootropolis
Wendy ByrdeLaura LinneyThe Big C, The Savages, Kinsey
Ruth LangmoreJulia GarnerMartha Marcy May Marlene, Sin City: A Dame to Kill, We Are What We Are

The following cast members are set to return for Ozark season three:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard them before?
Charlotte ByrdeSofia HublitzLouie, Horace and Pete
Jonah ByrdeSkylar GaertnerThe Ticket, Daredevil, I Smile Back
Darlene SnellLisa EmeryAdmission, Unfaithful, Wolf
RachelJordana SpiroNight Comes On, My Boys, The Good Wife
Wyatt LangmoreCharlie TahanI am Legend, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, Frankenweenie
ThreeCarson HolmesThe Darkest Minds, Instant Family, The Passage
Helen PierceJanet McTeerAlbert Nobbs, Me Before You, Maleficent
Frank CosgroveJohn Bedford LloydThe Abyss, Super Troopers, The Bourne Supremacy

In May 2019, the show put out a huge casting call for filming which begins at the end of May 2019 and is scheduled to wrap up in October 2019. The filming will once again take place in Georgia, Atlanta.

Among the new cast members for season 3 are the following:

  • Madison Thompson who is set to play Erin Pierce.
  • Marylouise Burke to play Sue Shelby

What to expect in season 3 of Ozark

In September 2019, during the Emmys, where Ozark scored a number of awards, Jason Bateman confirmed that the events in season 3 will be taking six months after the end of season 2.

We also know that the riverboat will be up and running for season 3.

Speaking to the press, Bateman said:

The riverboat casino that you see last season in fact goes into operation. We pick up six months later from the end of the second season. The casino is up and running and provides us with more opportunities both positive and negative. Some of that is temping and some that are calming. Ultimately it all affects the family.


With the death of Jacob, Darlene is free to run riot and use the full force of the Snell estate if she wishes. Now the foster mother of Zeke, it was the price the Byrde’s had to pay to keep Darlene happy. The widow is still a wildcard and it would be unsurprising if she throws a couple of spanners in the works to stop Marty and the Cartel. Perhaps teaming up with the Mob from the shadows.

Darlene murders her husband Jacob – Copyright Netflix


Detective Roy Petty was murdered by Cade so we can expect an ongoing investigation from the FBI into the town. With Cade dead, they have no one to prosecute. If the FBI follow up with Petty’s investigation they could potentially frame someone for the murder of Cade. Potentially they could use Ruth (again) to try and sting Marty.

The Langmores

Cade’s murder brings a level of peace to Ruth’s life but the point being her father was murdered. Marty didn’t have anything to do with the murder and that was organized by Wendy and the Cartel. The fallout of Cade’s murder will have a massive impact on Ruth, potentially unstable the young girl. Marty had already become the father figure in her life, will likely cement his place in that position. Ruth was prepared to take over Marty’s operation but for now, of least will stay as an ’employee.’ Ruth is also a wildcard but it’s likely she’ll continue to be Marty’s protege for Wyatt and Three’s sake.

Wyatt was finally told the truth about the death of his father by Ruth. Having run away to clear his head he will return and likely make a decision on his future. If Charlotte accompanies him then he’ll likely go to University. Wyatt may reconcile with Ruth, but that wound will run deep.

Ruth and Cade’s fractured relationship – Netflix

The Byrdes

Charlotte was pushing for emancipation so she can leave the Ozarks and the crimes of her family behind. Wyatt and Charlotte will likely become official in some capacity and if Wyatt leaves then Charlotte could follow. Marty now worried for her safety has given her the go-ahead for emancipation hoping she’ll be safe if she leaves the Ozarks.

Jonah is an unknown factor for this season. He has shown his aptitude for wanting to help the family so Jonah may continue trying to help. There’s potential for him to go down a much darker path as he grows numb to the crimes they Byrdes commit to keeping themselves safe. Marty is the positive influence in his life (to some degree) but Wendy may nurture Jonah’s desire to help the family and teach him how they do business.

Wendy has gone to the dark side and is reveling in the power she now holds. Opting to stay in the Ozarks instead of fleeing, Wendy could have some schemes up her sleeve and potentially could have political ambitions. Expect her to clash with Marty numerous times as Marty clearly wants to leave.

Marty has a ton on his plate for the next season. Marty loves Wendy but with her decisions made in the finale could fracture the relationship with his wife, which could lead to Marty having an affair with Rachel. There’s also the issue of the mob to contend with who blew up their office. We can see Marty’s focus continuing to finding a route out of the Ozarks without endangering his family.

Marty in shock at Wendy’s actions – Netflix

How many episodes will there be in Ozark Season 3?

The third season of Ozark will air with 10 episodes. Like the previous seasons, all 10 episodes will be available to stream upon release.

When will Ozark Season 3 be on Netflix?

With filming only scheduled to wrap up in October 2019, the idea that season 3 will be on Netflix in 2019 as originally intended seems a little optimistic.

It’ll likely take several months to conclude editing and post-production the series which leaves us to currently believe that season 3 of Ozark will be available on Netflix in early 2020.

Having said that, season 3 is still listed on IMDb for 2019 release.

How many seasons will Ozark run for on Netflix?

Speaking recently to The Hollywood Reporter, the creative team behind Ozark have stated they plan for a long future for the show but to not outstay its welcome. They’re aiming for around five seasons but have teased it could even be as many as seven seasons in total.

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